Guitar Center (US) and filing for Chapter 11

Aw, it’d be a bummer if GC was in bad enough woes that they had to liquidate, hope they can do a re-org, maybe close off a few stores, but keep the better performers, renegotiate debt, and their business model a bit, all that fun stuff. I’d miss going into a big retail store, seeing walls lined with basses and amps, playing around on my own, testing different combinations out, and all of the things you just can’t do online, or even in a smaller shop.

Yeah, they are what they are, a retail giant, and all the good and bad that comes along with that. But I’ve had great experiences there, and they’d be missed one day if they closed down, when covid’s just a memory, and we can all just touch things and breathe on each other again.


I mostly just feel bad for the folks working at the stores that will inevitably close.


The ones worth keeping will transfer to other stores.

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Sure, if they can (not guaranteed), but that’s still super disruptive to folks, especially at times like this.


The worry of looming unemployment must be depressing enough.
I worked on a casual basis until recently and waiting for the booking message was very stressful.
Even after I worked my way up to basically a leading hand and was working between 84 and 72 hours weekly I still worried every day.