Guitar Cord Issue

Apparently my bass jack is weak as it doesnt take much effort for the cord to come out. Is there a way to attach the cord to my guitar so as to take the weight off the cord without looking unsightly. I have gone in and closed the gap on clip on the jack that holds the cord but that didnt help much.


Run your cord between the bass body and your strap. The strap will pinch the cord and hold it in place so there’s no pull on it to cause your plug to fall out of the jack.

Of course, another solution is to install a new jack, but you should also use your strap to secure your cord to avoid future problems.


Great thanks I’ll try that and i do plan on changing the jack very soon



You probably don’t need to change the jack. Just remove the jack so you can see the two pieces of metal that hold the jack in place it, push the connectors together so they are not holding the jack so loosely and install the jack back to where it was.

What @MikeC said about putting the cable between the strap and body is good practice even when the jack is holding tight. Gets it out of the way while playing and takes the weight off the jack so it doesn’t start getting loose.


I tried squeezing the jack tighter together and it was better, however, after several times of plugging the cord in and out it loosened up again, so i ordered a pure tone multi contact one and am waiting for it and the highmass bridge I ordered to come in then Ill replace them both at the same time.




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the jack has an obvious issue, but still, I remember those Planet Wave cords with some kind of locking ring at the base of the plugs. it could help in this case.


As an added bonus, it looks way cool and professional :sunglasses:

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On hell, yeah. Badass to the bone.