Hand exerciser

My guitarist friend got this for me. He says it really helps the fretting fingers for strengthening and getting the pinky and ring finger to stop following each other.
I’m going to give it a try (especially since he gifted it to me)


I considered a few options of these types of hand exercisers but in the end I talked myself down with the assumption that by playing between the 4 and six string 3 or 4 hours a day should give me plenty. But it would be cool to know if it helps.

Maybe I’ll grab one for while I’m at work on break. I used to practice grip sport and crushing apples in my hand was a big part of the contests locally. But strength in a whole hand vs individual finger strength and independence are totally different things.

Look forward to a review :rofl: :smiley:


At this stage of my playing, fretting is not really a major issue for me, but I will use it when I watch tv and see what happens.


The reason he got it for me is because I’m taking the “Chords for Bass” course at TalkingBass and he said this will help for playing chords.
I recall when I dabbled with guitar 30+ years ago, my frustration with playing chords was the main reason I gave it up.


My major fretting issue is lack of feeling from neuropathy and having my fingertips peeled off… but that also affects my finger independence alot. I just naturally tend to find my ring finger chasing my pinky around like a love sick puppy. XD


Chords are a monster. But I have to admit the chords on bass have a magical sound once you can manage them. Lately I’ve been doing alot of motorhead and I find myself strumming through chords alot just for fun.


If it’s free, why not!?

Here is what Josh had to say about these in February 2019 (towards the second part of that particular post):


I bought one of these several months ago. I keep it on my desk and use it on a regular basis, mostly with my fretting hand, while I’m watching videos, etc.

It appears to be well constructed and the resistance is adjustable for each finger.

It has definitely improved my finger strength and my ability to navigate the fretboard, especially with my pinky.

I’m quite pleased with it.


“Molded finger pads for added comfort” … Hey that’s cheating D’Addario!! There should be nasty little pieces of wound wire on each pad to remind your fingers of the Joys of Bass playing :joy_cat:


There actually is, sort of. The palm grip is made of soft rubber-like material and is easily removed. Underneath are ridges.

To quote the description from D’Addario: “The reversible molded grip even uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses when you are away from your instrument.”


Wow I wonder if they come with different replacement gauges and or a flatwound option?


It s a very good starting point and way better than doing nothing for your finger strength ,flexibility and indepedence to each other. I purchase my first guitar after a huge accident to my wrist were i almost lost my hand… it was a surgeon recommendation to buy an instrument for my hand left hand !!! ( the choice was 1) violin, 2) piano or 3) guitar … if i want to have a strong hand with all the “feel” it had. I have bought a guitar and I have to say it was successful as i often forget my hand is handicap now !!! So the practice of an instrument was what have recover my hand by 90%. The BEST exercise i have ever tried for strength and flexibility on both hands need actually nothing at all… you can do it everywhere with no props at all. Me i start by left hand but not so important. i put my hands in front of me in the position i hold my instrument ( important) . All finger close together but hand open ( like for a slap ! )i start by doing " WIDE" and “SLOW” circles with one finger at the time as round and perfect as possible…about 10 for each finger in each direction ( clock and counter clock ) … it s seems easy but it s a real torture !!! and the round 2 i start same hand in front of me, position like you position your hand for your instrument. this time again each finger one by one i bent my finger " slowly" all the way in and strach it out “slowly” all the way out 10 times each fingers on both hands.at first you might need to get some break… but when ever i do for more than 2 weeks my finger have huge gain… actualy even if my left hand is handicap actually my “Pinky” is stronger and more flexible than many good guitar players. Now I just find why i didnt progress much in guitar for all those years… and it s cause i am a Bassman !!! it s the bass that make me groove and since i switch to bass it goes much better… but my finger training is the key for my hand… by the way this exercise is good for what ever instrument you play as long as you practice with the hands in the way you hold your instrument. Have a good day


Pa, Mitch here, I have been playing Banjo for 10 years and I started the finger exercises about 6 years ago. It has really made a difference in coordination with my fingers. it has already helped me with my bass lessons. Best of all, it was free. Only problem is I tap my fingers all the time. People think I am nervous.

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