Hands down, the best day of 2021

That’s great news Toby @T_dub , I’m very happy for you. You’ve been through a lot, and really deserve some good things to come your way. This is just the start.


Great news.

In terms of doctors… just because they’re highly educated, doesn’t mean they’re not a$$hats or idiots*. Always ask many pointed questions of many specialists and work out your own consensus.

  • In fact they ARE idiots. In Attic Greek, one of the meanings of the word “idioteo” ( ιδιοθεο) was to maintain one’s own medical practice, which explains a lot, I feel.

I did not know that, but i believe you are on to something.

Thanks. For all the replies, asvice and warm wishes.

Good suggestion, I had not thought of that.

Not at all.
Since they opened the Gym and Pool in my apartment complex, that was closed due to covid restrictions in mid July, I started using the pool to swim laps nightly. This has been very beneficial for me, and I have lost some weight, and am continuing to do so (small break due to swimmers ear, but its gone now and I got ear plugs now). I also started, a week or so after starting swimming to use the Exercycle in the gym before going in the pool. I can ride a stationary bike ok, it doesnt cause too much pain, and helps a lot. I just couldn’t risk riding my own bike, any fall, or rapid stops could be result in further damage and injuries to knees or other things, like broken wrists or arm / shoulder, etc…
Same reason walking is not the best thing for me to use as exercise, uneven ground hurts and can and has caused falls.
Unfortunately our gym lacks a treadmill, that at lower speeds I could do with less impact to my knees.
Also, after swimming Laps, I go in the Jacuzzi and do many of the standing leg exercises I did at PT, and it is no pain to the leg I am not working out, and standing on, plus the water resistance, although low, still adds some.
This has really helped, and I am keeping it up up to the surgery, and will use the pool after the surgery too, the Exercycle when I am cleared to do so.
I am doing the best I can with what I have and am able too, and its been working.

I still was roding the bike nightly when I had the ear infection, and now that you mentioned upper body workouts, I will start slowly adding some exercises in the gym on the equipment i have access to.

Body weight exercises, some are ok, but many are still too hard on my knees, and shoulders. My shoulders are not badly damaged, but I have had one shoulder operation to remove a big bone chip.
After I build some upper body strength with swimming and added exercises, then its possible to do more.

Thanks for all the great advice. I figure that I did lose about 15+ pounds since mid July, and I should be able to get another 10, or even match that in the next 6 or so weeks.


That’s effing awesome, dude. Congratulations.

My GF is an RN, working as a workers comp case manager right now. She routinely whips doctors and insurance companies into shape. I’m going to show her your post and watch her anger rise listening to your first doc.


Sounds great @T_dub ! Very happy for you seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Hope all goes the absolute best that it can… Congrats…


Thanks @skydvr and @timsgeekery .

I would have to dig back in some paperwork or call my primary Dr. so I can get his info, but I would happily give ger his name.
And, TBH, I under exaggerated that role play.
It really was that bad, and worse, but i never would have gotten to the point if I told the whole conversation and everything he said…

But, again, TBH, he was condescending, but his mannerism was not like a total A hole. Part of the shock as I walked out of his office, cuz he was calm, and relaxed, and talking normal, its just what he actually was saying that was so wretched.
And his final act of cowardice, to say he was gonna check if there was another Dr he could refer me to, and saying, hang on, I will go check
Then sending one of the office girls from the front desk in to tell me she is gonna see me out now…

And, I was not being a dick to him either, I was concerned with what he was saying, and asking honest questions, but getting total Bull out of his mouth.
And, he about doubled how much weight Dr. #2 said would be a weight he could do the surgery.
He said like 86 lbs, and the other Dr said like 45-50.
My weight was about the same for both appointments about 2 months apart.


Congratulations Toby!

I’ve had my share of jack ass doctors and run arounds. I think I have doctor ptsd now where I can’t help but prepare myself for the ass hattery before I even walk in.

It’s really good to hear you’ve been able to make some headway and get a real plan in place to get surgery.


Thanks Mac or thanks iMac, lol. Hey Toby I’m happy for you man.


Thank you Eric and Al

Another good day today.
I ordered my iMac

Will be back to normal next week