Hard to find music sheet

I have been searching the internet for songs to play with my church band. The songs that I am looking for are “My Worship Is For Real “ Larry Trotter , “ If God Said It “ Chicago Mass , “ You Are My Strength “ William Murphy and "The Presence Of The Lord by William McDowell. The closest i"ve gotten is for a guitar on two of them. Can anyone help me with this?

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I checked our church’s site and we don’t have music for any of those. Did you try worshipchords.net? They have a pretty good selection.

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yes i found one but it isn’t a music sheet it does kind of say on which word to play which note but not really a tab either. it had one of the songs

I see. We only use cord charts at our church. I usually start out by just playing the root note in the appropriate spot and then add in extras as I get more comfortable with the song.