Have they done it again!?!

They are just cranking out interesting stuff, it seems…


That seems like a lot bang for your buck. I know there are people on here who rave about Amplitude.


Yeah the latest versions of their stuff is great.

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Looks like they are on a roll. Lots of features and it looks rugged!

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To be honest I am not a fan of things like magical “tone” knobs and would much prefer controls for the underlying parameters they change instead. Between this and something like the ToneX, there’s no comparison. Of course it’s also 1/3 the price and does much, much less.

That aside it looks like a nice interface.

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Yes, this is perhaps the one thing that irks me a bit about this interface. I guess, it is an option for people who don’t want to bother with the “underlying parameters”.

I like the overall feature set, however. And the clever integration to their whole product universe.

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Yeah, that integration is like their superpower.

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