Help. My bass talks to me

I was really impressed by these when I played one. I loved the look of the CV 70’s P-Bass.

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The reason I’m drawn to the 40th, other than the color, is that the neck is thinner compared to a normal P bass which makes it easier for me to play because of nerve damage from an incomplete Spinal Cord Injury in my neck.
I tried a few P basses but the 40th fits the hand better, that’s when I came home with the Cort though but I do know how the 40th feels and sounds now in order to keep it on the short list of possible candidates.


I would be glad if my bass talked me out of spending money instead of practicing in the vain hope to substitute real work with cash. Sadly it. Never happens and I continue to waste money. Maybe I should buy a new and more expensive bass with a louder and clearer voice? :smiley:


Have you tried the American Professional II series? The ’63 profile neck is just a dream to play!

@wheelcowboy What you say makes a lot of sense although I just double-checked and according to Fender’s specs all these basses, CV60s, CV70s and the 40th anniversary Vintage and Gold models have 1.685" (42.8 mm) nuts and “C” 9.5" radius necks. But the right one is the one that feels right. Right?