Help needed - Getting back on the BassBuzz wagon

I’ve fallen out of playing in the last few months due to bad health.

Really want to start again but weighing up where to start.

I was thinking about re-doing the course a second time, but was wondering a. how to keep things nice and fresh, particularly on lessons that might not be as much of a challenge me now, and b. how to add more structure to practice to better build progression and habits.

I’m easily distracted so I find it helps to keep things new or “gamify” things.

Any ideas?


I’m no expert, but maybe try skipping around to keep it interesting? See how proficient you are with the modules and go back to repeat certain ones if you need to.


Hey, @Rich.B . . . here’s an idea for you:

Pick a song you really like and figure out how to play it . . . :slight_smile:

A project like that will cut across the lessons you learned in the course and will help sharpen your ear training as well. You may need to do some research, look up tabs, and watch some videos to help you out on this.

Hope your health is better now and glad you’re getting back into it :+1:

Cheers, Joe


+1 to this!!

I think that might be the best approach (and has elements of a game or a competition to it). I am currently trying to learn a song to record a cover and I am “forced” to learn and re-learn a lot, especially also stuff that I would otherwise ignore (out of laziness or convenience), but which is really important to know!

The challenge is really to find a song that is do-able at your level, yet challenging enough to push you to your limits and a bit beyond.


I stopped MANY times on my journey through the lessons. If I had stopped at, lets say the middle of Mod 5, I would go back to the Medium and Fast workouts for Module 4 to see where I stood. If I was nailing those I’d move along until I wasn’t and pick up from there. If I wasn’t nailing those I’d move back further in the lesson plan until I was. Basically, pick it up a lesson or two before you are struggling.

Theory/Concept if something does not make sense you can always just go back to that specific lesson where Josh covers it.

I aldo agree with the idea of learning a new song as well. If you choose a good fun song within your skill level(or hopefully just slightly pushing it) you will get you back to having fun with the instrument right away. These lessons are very fun, and amazing instruction, but nothing replaces that feeling when you are starting out and you are playing along with one of your favorite songs!

No matter how you choose to jump bank in, as long as the bass is in your hands you are off to a great start!


Ditto that, @BassFaceDisgrace . . . :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on several favorites, and it’s a GREAT feeling when I figure out a few more notes on any one of them . . .

All best, Joe


Excellent advice. Particularly using just the sound of the recording - not watching someone else on YouTube and copying them (not that there’s anything wrong with that approach).
Pungee by The Meters for me tonight :+1: