Help with repeated flat 7ths...typo?

I’ve had this book for years with a cd and just started having a go at it.

So, I get to track 10– which obviously you can’t hear— and here’s the tab and bass clef.

So, in the second measure I’m expecting to play an Ab as the flatted 7th… as in Bb Mixo on the 6th fret of the D string, and that’s what the track sounds like to me.

Did I just find a tab mistake? Or am I crazy? It’s showing the 6th fret on the G string. C#??

Help please, I am questioning my sanity as this is driving me crazy, and I almost didn’t ask because it has taken me forever to include the pic and try to explain my dilemma.

Thanks in advance. My brain wants to say this is a typo in the tab of the book.

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I think so. It’s just in the tab though. The notes seem fine to me - Ab

It’s always confusing when actually printed and published material is wrong but it seems to me you can trust yourself more. You heard the difference, you correctly identified the flatted 7th and everything.

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Vielen dank

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And @JoshFossgreen just posted his ‘beware of tabs’ post where he mentioned running into typos and mistakes in the published world as well as the online world.

It’s off by a string. The Ab is right, as was pointed out by you and @juli0r.
It should be played on the D string rather than the G. Right fret, wrong string.


Thanks. I’m not crazy! And I figured it out! But, at the time I was phreaking out.

I was super surprised. Hal Leonard proofreader gets a thumbs down, and I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back for actually reading the music.

Ed Friedland is kinda a badass.

I have to thank Mr. Jerry Garcia for my love of the mixolydian mode.


I guess I meant to say… I’ve known the mixo shape since I learned the major scale. That tipped me off, but then I actually had to read music, and then reach out to great folks for some assurance.

Thanks guys.


I’m much more comfortable with standard notation than tab - better said, I have zero knowledge of tab being a brass player - but C# (enharmonic to Db) - would not fit in the Mixolydian mode anyway. Others much more knowledgeable about this have already commented, so I’ll just slink back into lurk mode. :slight_smile:


It’s all good. Welcome to the forum.