I have finished B2B and got through the final quiz to become a badass. I have almost nailed the super badass portion yet have no clue what chord and progressions go together. I figure if I learn the cycle of fifths it will help me. Any suggestions?


I will try to help here but I am certainly no expert and if I am wrong, someone please feel free to correct me.
Look at the Diatonic Chord charts for the Major and Minor keys located in the additional course materials . There you will find the chords relative for the key you are playing. I hope I am not wrong with this advice.


Thanks, I’ll do that. I forgot about the course extras


That is good info


I would recommend focusing on what the chord progressions are of songs that you already know. Not sure what your approach is, but I know I learned everything by TAB only. The chords are there with the TAB.
Learning chords and progressions is like learning good recipes: You have to learn a bunch of them and find the common themes that show up over and over again, and then you’ll start to hear and know what works well together.

The blues is the ultimate starting point, I think. It has everything, and you’ll see it show up in so many places.

I’m not sure I’m addressing the issue, but I hope I am! Best of luck.