Holdsworth deep dive

This one is for @peterhuppertz (and probably really only for him :rofl:)

Peter, if you have 5 and a half hours where you don’t know what to do otherwise, and desperately need your brain to be twisted into a 4D-pretzel, here you are:

The dedication of this guy is absolutely mind-boggling. Where do people find the time and energy for doing stuff like that?? :joy:

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Without seeing it, just from the text in the notification email, I knew this was about John Vullo. :grin:

This is, in fact, thousands of hours work. The most comprehensive analysis of guitar solos from ANY player… resulting in a 5.5 hour YouTube video. John is a machine!

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In fact, I think this is really useful for anyone who wants to learn about improvising (or building melody lines) along scales.

But it’s an effin’ lot to take in. I haven’t watched all 5.5 hours yet.

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@joergkutter (and all other 0 members who’d be interested :rofl: )
John Vullo will be inteviewed in a livestream tomorrow (April 15):
This livestream interview discusses all the effort he put into this project, what he learned, and why.

I’m not sure if this was deliberately planned on the 5th anniversary of Allan’s passing.

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Thanks for the heads-up! Not sure I will be available at that time, but good to know!

And, yes, we might get at least 0 others interested, potentially many more than that :rofl: