How many cans of cuss words do you keep in your practice space?

I’m just wondering this…

Personally, I have two cans of cuss words in my practice space at all times. One is a can of angry cuss words, and the other is a can of celebratory cuss words (available on Amazon). Whenever I screw up a bass line or lesson that I’m working on, I reach for a handful of cuss words from the angry can. However, when I accomplish something that amazes me, I use the celebratory cuss words. Unfortunately, I have to reorder the angry ones more often than I do the celebratory ones.

Angry… “Oh F**k I screwed that up again!?! Maybe I’ll get it the next time.”

Celebratory… “Holy s**t, I can’t believe I just did that!”


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Since the part of the course when I was introduced to that evil bitch Billy Jean I have graduated to a 44 gallon drum for cuss words :flushed::scream::joy:


Might be a “just me” thing, but I do have a third can for when I manage to bonk some part of my person with my bass.

Fortunately, I don’t pull from that too often (don’t have to order another one quite yet), though one might argue that pulling from it at all is too often… :sweat_smile:


I just cuss away and sometimes when I’m around kids people tell me: “Hey, don’t do that.” and I have to literally remind myself of my word usage.

Maybe I should start a cuss word jar.

But it’s gotten way better as I don’t even really have enough time to curse. Gotta keep in the groove and play the song. As a beginner it was more like I’m playing “da da de de …” F$#k (while obviously being the wrong note). And I just utter “tz” or something similiar while in my mind it’s “what? I counted correctly. Well obviously I didn’t but still… argh… Oh bridge.”


If you are going heavy on the CANS OF CUSS for frustration it might be a great time to take a break and do something else…

Last night I woke up at 2 am to test some weird connection idea on my practice rig (details below) and while I was trying the weird connection out I just noticed I was playing my very first walking bass line! All week I was trying to understand the basics of it (heavily cussing, getting disappointed with myself etc) and it just “connected” right then and there… (Details also below) so weird electrical connection gifted me a neural connection!

I would love to stay up the rest of the night but couldn’t since it was a working days night…

Weird electrical connection: Connecting the headphone output of the Vox Amplug to the input of Zoom B1 Four and headphones to the headphone jack hence amplifying the input signal without amplifying anything else!

Weird neural connection: C Maj 7 | Am7 | Dm7 | G7 progression is actually super easy to practice walking bass line because the roots of VI , III, V are all on the fifth frets of E, A and D strings !