How many hours a day should you practice?

Nice Article. Its kinda the Stuff i read time and time again when it comes to practicing.

I think the most helpful thing in practicing is analysing what exactly went wrong. Because if you dont know the Problem its hard to actually fix the Problem.

I personally wouldnt even have the time to invest 6 Hours a day in Playing the instrument. I Usually aim for about 30 minutes. But it usually becomes a bit more because its mixed up with just playing for the fun of playing.


Same thing here… Playing what I already know or adding some new ones… Then I just play some drum loops and listen to the sounds of my bass… Watching short youtube videos on technique, fix, curiosities…


Had never heard of this one before!! :scream:


Great site with monthly subscription, and lots and lots of great technique exercises for both hands.

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As long as you are engaged, whether that be 5 minutes or 5 hours.

There are days I don’t play at all and others where I won’t put it down. I’ve discovered that having multiple basses to play is a great way to keep you interested in what you’re doing also, as I believe some instruments have songs in them (if that makes any sense?!?!?!).

If you have the time, playing in multiple bands has the same effect. I play with a hardcore/original band on Friday nights and my working band, a classic rock band, on Sundays. The musical diversity usually serves to keep me locked in.

Real life tends to dictate your schedule and can wind up being the biggest factor of all though (I work 14 hours a day). I don’t feel obligated to play or to stop playing. As long as your heart is in it, go for it!


Multiple basses - Awesome
Multiple bands. - Nice
How about.
Multiple Courses?

I too find that taking more then one course (2 is good, not like a college schedule) you don’t burn out easy. IDK, I don’t burn out much on playing bass, but if I did, I would just switch from one course to the other.

It is good to have courses that go well together. For instance, I do.
Chord Tones Essentials
Simple Steps to Sight Reading Vol 1

When they are done, I will probably do
Slap Bass Vol 1
Simple Steps to Sight Reading Vol 2

And then
Slap Bass Vol 2
Simple Steps to Sight Reading Vol 3

Although, I might repeat the Scales Essentials course in phase 3, and then do Slap Bass alone, or I may even mix all 3 in by then.


I’ve never taken a class. I’ve always been a show me kind of person. I know my fret board but know very little about music theory. I play by “smell”. If it “smells” right, I do it. If it doesn’t, I don’t.


What do you mean by smell? Is that an other way to express yourself when something feels/sounds right? I’m not native English so I am just curious :smiley:


Yes. If something smells good when you eat, you eat it. If something smells good when you play it, you play it. You don’t have to know anything about musical theory to know when something sounds correct and when it doesn’t


Smells are EXTREMELY POWERFUL. Not much credit is given to them, but they can trigger deep seeded events in your life, like traumas, or happy times, and you don’t even think much about it, but if you smell something that reminds your brain of a particular time, your brain starts to think about it, and often you don’t even know why you are thinking about it, and that is because it was a smell that triggered your brain.

It is not used in the context that @PrideOfTheWicked used it all that often, but it is a great way to describe it IMO.

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