How to view forum posts easier

Hi there,

This is a tech question:
Whenever I read threads in the forum, the replies to a message just poppulate the regular stream of messages.

Is there a way to view the threads such that the replies only show under the actual message?

I can see all the replies together by clicking the reply counter with the little arrow, but what I am looking for is the complement of this function, which is to hide the replies from the whole thread and only see them when I click the reply counter.

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What you are referring to is usually called nested or forked replies. I’m not sure if this forum software has that functionality or not as I’ve not had a search for that, but if you want to investigate it, the software they use here is:


I just noticed that there is a button that says “Summarize this Topic” at the top of long threads. I think if you press it, it hides all replies.