I don't like late spring/summer

Well, when we have our next hangout at the end of the month, I’ll be in my alternate location…the basement…my office/music room can reach temps of 105 degrees (like yesterday, today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday) because it doesn’t have AC up there (and it can’t be installed), and a floor AC doesn’t work well enough. I’ve already moved 2 basses downstairs (the Mikro and the Gretsch) as well as the DAI, but if I move any more down there, my wife will complain :). However, I do have a fan blowing on the other basses just to try to keep them cool and the dehumidifier is running. I’m HOPING that’ll be enough to keep the basses from getting ruined…Geez I hate late spring and summer despite the fact that my birthday is June 3. Is there anything else anyone would recommend other than bringing the whole shebang downstairs and annoying my wife?


Sometimes significant others must be annoyed. It’s just a fact of nature.

Take care of your instruments, even if that means putting them in a closet in an air conditioned room. Out of sight, less noise from annoyance?


I can put many of them in gig bags and store them under the bed but it doesn’t have that much space. Other than my daughter’s closet, my choices are limited. I’ll probably store a couple in gig bags downstairs though, if I keep them out of her way.


Have you looked into little heat pumps? They are really small and don’t require duct work, either. Or is it some sort of city ordnance for “preserving historical looks” thing?


That’s an idea. No, we don’t have any laws preventing something like that.


The one you see on the 2nd and 3rd one, we have one like that mounted to the wall outside the garage, and there is a unit on the inside the size of a single bulb fluorescent light fixture.

**Edit ** I took a pic:


I :heart: Technology Connections!!

I’m always charmed & surprised when I hear/read recommendations for heat pumps because they’ve been the default in new homes and renos here (east coast of Canada) for at least 15 years.


Late spring/early summer is so bad here that it actually is officially a fifth season, called tsuyu.

Massiv humidity (usually 100%) combined with 30C+ weather. No bueno.


You have any sort of Window in the upper floor?
If so, you can use one of these…


We have one on our 3rd floor and works great.

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Move your extra instruments to closets, under bed(s), etc. Anywhere air conditioned.

I’ve had to use a portable floor AC up there because the window has 2 separate panes but they are tiny and can’t fit a traditional window AC. The floor AC never worked all that well, but it might have been because it wasn’t strong enough for a room that size.

For the time being, I’ve moved all of the guitars downstairs, some under our bed (4 of them), 3 on stands in the basement and 3 in gig bags in the basement

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