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I need help choosing my bass. I am amateur (not professional) not going to join a band or perform on a stage, I just like to play to my self. So what do you think to buy as a beginner, Ibanez IJSR190U Bass Guitar Kit which includes all I need to start or Cort action PJ ( you already reviewed and recommended).
Thank you


Hi, welcome.
Are you buying either blind, online, or have you had a chance to play either of them.
A lot will come down to how it feels to you, what is comfortable, as well as what you like the look of.

There are other inexpensive options like SX or Glarry, or Harley Benton, Greg Bennet, etc…

Or since places are closed, there are lots of used personally sold basses on CL, Let Go or Offer Up, and you can go try those before buying, to see how it feels when you hold it, play it, pluck it, strum it, etc…


I think that any of the basses they recommend in the gear shootout are excellent choices, inexpensive basses that you can upgrade from later. That Cort looks like a nice starter bass to me.

The starter kits don’t really give you anything you can’t buy on your own, when you need. All you really need to start are a bass, instrument cable, tuner, and amp. And the tuner can be a phone app to start, whough you will want a real one eventually.

For the bass I would consider what styles you like. For more classic or vintage styles a passive P/J, Jazz or P-bass is a good, solid choice. For more modern styles you might want an active bass with an onboard preamp and EQ. But really for your first bass any of the ones they recommend will be great.

If I were to make an amp recommendation I would say grab a Fender Rumble combo amp (25 or 40 watt are good starter amp sizes. the 40W has some advantages at a somewhat higher price.) They are inexpensive and sound fine.


Thank you T_dub and Howard
The brands you suggested is not available. Sorry I didn’t mention that I live in Egypt. very few brands are here. Second most are sold online now. So I selected those as they are known and I already found them reviewed. Here there are also Fender (but expensive), Ammaon, Stagg, Fitness.
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Are Yamaha or Ibanez available?


The Amman on Amazon was compared to an American Fender P-Bass on you tube (Scott’s Bass Lessons) in a blind test. Although you could tell the difference in sound, with the Fender sounding better, the Ammon was not bad, and Scott said, for under $100 you CAN get a bass and after a set up, it sounds and plays fine.

Keep in mind that ANY bass you order online will likely need a set up. You can do it yourself if you don’t have a luthier nearby, and we can point you to threads here and YT videos that show how.

I will try to find a link to that YT vid showing the Ammon P-bass.
If you like that style, may be a good option.

One thing to consider about amps, is that the ones packaged with the bass and extras are typically very basic and not really good. That is one area you may want to be a little more picky, and you can still get a good one, like a fender rumble 25 for around $100.
I don’t know what the exchange rate is, and I am talking US dollars, so consider that when I am talking cost.

Are you able to order from Tomman (sp?). Because they have a lot of inexpensive options, and great “copy” basses.

Lastly, I think Ammon is a name slapped on instruments coming out of the same factories as SX, Samick, Harley Benton, etc…, so I think that could be a good option if you are looking to keep cost down, unless you can order out of Tomman


Ibanez is the kit referred to in the og post. Not sure about Yamaha tho, will wait for the reply


Ahh yeah you’re right, missed that.

In that case I would say the lower end of the Ibanez SR line is a good choice and not too expensive. The SR300 is a good example, nice basses.

Yamaha has a bunch of inexpensive but high quality basses too. TRBX174, 204, the low end of the RBX line, TRBX304, BB234, etc.

And of course going used opens things up a ton.


Agree @howard. I just ordered an SR300. I am excited for it. New they are a little over double what a GSR200 cost. I am glad that I got the GSR used for half what they cost new, to test the water getting back into bass.
And I am still happy to find the SR I wanted (color) for half what they cost new.

It comes down to if they want to spend beginner bass (GSR and RBX170) or the upgrade to the nicer lines right away. Of course, aside personal preference (visual when ordering online) and feature wise, after reading what each offers, any of the ones listed between you and I, along with the two that started the thread would be good choices to get started with.

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If they can find a Yamaha TRBX174 or similar that would be a great choice in the low price range.


I agree it can be. I love the feel of the RBX170 in my hands. I also love the GSR feel for different reasons. However, I find the GSR and many other basses more comfortable to play then the RBX170.
I just don’t like the pick up placement and shape. I can’t find a good place to play with my right hand. I have seen it modded with a thumb rest, however it’s not the thumb that’s my trouble, it’s the index and middle finger on the S string mostly, but the A and G string as well. The pick up, slanted, is too close to the string for my comfort. Otherwise, I love the feel of the Yamaha.

Idk what I would think if I started playing on the Yamaha, maybe I would like it more?

Full disclosure, I have not played a TRBX174, just the RBX170. They are so similar to each other, I think it would be the same, however because the body shape is slightly different, it might make all the difference in the world. I really want to love the RBX, but can’t see sticking with it. Also for that reason, I am glad I got one used for a STEAL, so I am not kicking myself every time I look at it. My younger daughter will inherit it if she likes playing with me and her sister after she starts B2B.


You should check out a TRBX304. It has a special little perfectly-placed cut-out to put your thumb atop each pickup. It’s a very different bass than the 174 or the RBX170.

I owned one and loved it so much it sold me on the line, and when I upgraded, it was to a 604.


Ah yes, I have yet to play one, but will as soon as GC opens back up.

And seriously, it is only that pick up placement / design that I dont like. I love the rest of it.

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@drhazemam Has any of this information helped? If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Yes @drhazemam, did you get enuf info / opinion yet? Do you still have some questions?

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If money isn’t an option just get what you like, I picked a Fender PBASS and really like it. My thoughts were simple in paying for that level of bass. I figured if I had an expensive instrument I would be more compelled to play, if I loved playing I would of bought a Fender anyways so instead of buying a cheap bass first and then a Fender I just bought the Fender. Now, if I hated playing the bass and wanted to sell the instrument I figured a Fender PBass would be easier to sell and hold its value rather than something on the cheap side.


Some good points there, @colinwing64 . . . :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard

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Thanks, it’s a pleasure to be here


I agree, but I got what I wanted at the time, not understanding the difference between the Ibanez GSR and SR lines. So I have the GSR, was so happy with it I have the SR coming on Friday. Now I have both, and am cool with it. Course I was not looking for a P, and if O was, I still prob wouldn’t go fender, but that is my preference. I sure am glad you got what you wanted and love it, that I’s awesome.
Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @colinwing64!