Interesting/weird bass gadgets?

Hey all, I’m on the hunt for quirky bass gadgets for a review video. Anything in this realm you’ve been curious about that you’d like me to investigate?

  • Automatic tuners?
  • Stick on thumb rests?
  • Drop tuners?
  • String mutes?
  • Other?

Let me know, and me and BassBot will start flexing our detective muscles. :male_detective: :robot:


Remember the e-bow!?! Is that still a thing??


Hi Josh I wouldn’t mind knowing what your thoughts are on the Hipshot (or any other make for that matter) D Tuner if I’m understanding you correctly.
I sort of half want one of those - subject to a couple of reservations.

  1. they are quite expensive here in UK
  2. the logic in my head tells me that when dropping the E to a D, the tension on the neck is subsequently decreased, and the neck will then de-releif itself, slightly sharpening the other strings. I’m aware I may well just be ‘going off on one’ about that though, and living in pure fantasy.

Yeah, around £75 new on ebay.

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Thanks, @Mark_D! It was almost a rhetorical question… such that @JoshFossgreen would consider it for his project!

Another thing for Josh might be: capos for bass


I drop to D all the time and if this happens it is minimal - I’ve never noticed it. Physically it has to happen a little though yeah. Probably depends a lot on the neck. My bass has a 5-piece neck so it probably detunes less than (say) a Fender.


I would like to see your take on Fret Wraps.


There was a bit of discussion about wireless transmitters. Not sure if that’s weird enough or the sort of thing you meant. I’m not really interested but I’ll watch any videos you make anyway.

I’d like to see your take on some less common string types, or probably more of a comparison between round, half round, ground wound, flat, tape wound - but it’s just curiosity.


I’ve heard some people like to play with weird plastic contraptions between their fingers to pluck the strings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the Kliq bass strap with aircells is pretty interesting. But probably not weird enough.

I’ve noticed an increase in LEDs on bass fretboard and such, but don’t think they serve much purpose besides aesthetics unless you are playing in the dark?

This thing is pretty interesting/weird but Scott has already done a video on it if that matters.

Main gadgets I’m currently looking into are pedals, but I’m guessing that’s not what you are referring to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Up until this morning, I thought auto-tuners were a bit of a gimmick but now I’m not so sure :crazy_face:


Maybe auto pluckers are next. We might start playing bass through virtual reality or through just thinking of notes. :grinning:


Huge gimmick, IMO. A company sent me one a while back to test… now it’s at a Goodwill somewhere in California… couldn’t even give the thing away to a musician in good faith!



Ta da! Thank you all for your suggestions in this thread, the gadgets review hath been launched here: