Introduce Yourself!


Welcome to the forum Kevin!

That’s great that you’ll have someone to play with as soon as you’re ready!

To clarify for anyone else reading, I definitely don’t recommend against practicing, it’s just that the lessons allow you practice while you’re watching. So that’s great that you’re putting extra time in! :slight_smile:

And welcome to Jerry @jrporta too! Hope you enjoy the course, I have a feeling it’ll fill in some gaps from your self-teaching years ago.


Josh is totally right (and I should clarify) that he doesn’t say practice isn’t needed - that’s completely my bad; I guess I had meant that “extra” practice may not be necessary to some extent.
I don’t think ANYone can really practice TOO much - especially those of us just learning! I myself gain a ton by going back over the lessons that I’ve done thus far and doing them over and over again!
Sorry about that Josh!:grimacing:



Hi Joe,
Thanks for the welcome. I’m looking forward to playing again.


Hi Josh,
I looking forward to learning again. I really enjoyed the lessons you have posted here and I’m sure the course will be just as fun.


No worries Kev, I didn’t really think you’d misquoted me, I just wanted to add extra context. :+1:


Thanks for the welcome.