Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the forum Kevin!

That’s great that you’ll have someone to play with as soon as you’re ready!

To clarify for anyone else reading, I definitely don’t recommend against practicing, it’s just that the lessons allow you practice while you’re watching. So that’s great that you’re putting extra time in! :slight_smile:

And welcome to Jerry @jrporta too! Hope you enjoy the course, I have a feeling it’ll fill in some gaps from your self-teaching years ago.

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Josh is totally right (and I should clarify) that he doesn’t say practice isn’t needed - that’s completely my bad; I guess I had meant that “extra” practice may not be necessary to some extent.
I don’t think ANYone can really practice TOO much - especially those of us just learning! I myself gain a ton by going back over the lessons that I’ve done thus far and doing them over and over again!
Sorry about that Josh!:grimacing:



Hi Joe,
Thanks for the welcome. I’m looking forward to playing again.

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Hi Josh,
I looking forward to learning again. I really enjoyed the lessons you have posted here and I’m sure the course will be just as fun.

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No worries Kev, I didn’t really think you’d misquoted me, I just wanted to add extra context. :+1:

Thanks for the welcome.

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Hi, Korrigan of Pigasus Instruments here. Pigasus Instruments is my imaginary guitar company… the name originating from my wife’s jest that I’ll be a luthier when pigs fly. I build CBGs (cigar box guitars) when I’m not wrenching on CNC machines for money. I recently built a 3-string cigar box bass and that sparked an interest to learn to actually play bass so here I am at BassBuzz. :slight_smile:

This is Bertha, the bass:

I also have a 6 string bass that I may scavenge the neck from and stick on a hubcap or silverware box or something, lol. If you’re interested in seeing some of my other gits you can visit

Looking forward to the lessons!


That’s amazing! Love the dice knobs :slight_smile:


So many great posts here and I just realized I never introduced myself :slight_smile:

I’m an American from the west coast currently living overseas in Japan, the land where Yamaha, Zoom and Ibanez products are inexpensive but Fender, Gibson and Korg are definitely not cheap.

I used to play keyboards in a band in college and my best friend was the bass player. I was never more than a mediocre keyboardist but I enjoyed the music theory, sequencer and sound patch programming aspects a lot. And I loved playing my friend’s bass as a backup when he wanted to play keyboards, but never got serious enough for lessons, or any good at it. Had a lot of fun with light gigging but we never went anywhere really.

Fast forward to today. A few months back someone asked me if I played any instruments, and I answered no, I’m not really musical. Which made me kind of sad, because I used to be, and it buried this kind of seed of desire to get back in to it. And so I figured why not. I remembered how much I enjoyed the bass, and all my musical heroes are bass players (really! don’t laugh!), so it was a natural choice.

My favorite genres would probably be post-punk, electronica and alternative rock, and mix in some funk and electro. If you can move to it, I’m in. I used to be a big metalhead too :metal:


Better late than never, @howard :smile:

All best, Joe

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Ooooh - similar here too… execept I wouldn’t say “used to be” before “big metalhead”. Welcome!!

That thing has so much STYLE!! Very very cool, sir. Nice work.

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Very cool @Korrigan! Let me know when the pigs start flying, I’ll get out my binoculars. :pig::angel:

And thanks for making an intro post @howard! Cool to hear you’re into sequencer/synth stuff, I’ve just started learning that stuff in the last year or so. (and I like, sorta kinda know what ASDR mean now)

That’s so cool that you took that sadness and turned it into some desire-uncovering bass learning! So many people never get past that. Glad you’re here!


Thanks guys! Bertha the bass will actually be going to the National Blues Museum in September as part of a 6-8 month exhibit of cigar box guitars then spend the next two years or so in a traveling exhibit to museums across the country… so you might get to see her in person. :slight_smile:


Jealous that you’re learning it now - the software is so much better now. It used to be that all we had on the computer was a sequencer - and that was just MIDI without samples until relatively late in the game - and the actual sound programming was on the synths/samplers. There’s a reason so many of the beloved synths from the '80s were full of knobs. Mine wasn’t, so it was literally “push edit button, push button under Attack, enter numerical value, repeat for the rest, see what it sounds like, save patch, repeat.” Same for the LFOs and other parameters. It suuuucked. Of course I didn’t know that back than so it was still fun.

These days, it’s amazing. Man I swear I would have done anything back then just for GarageBand. When the first DAWs came out they were limited and ridiculously expensive.

Every once in a while I am tempted by Reason but then I realize what a rabbit hole that would be. There’s literally just too much there. But really you can even do amazing stuff with the instruments in most DAWs.

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Hi I’m Cricket- Nice to meet Everyone. Josh- this course is amazing- thank you SO MUCH!! You are a fantastic teacher! I love that you play along with us and that we are playing with tracks right away! YOU ROCK!


@CricketMars . . . welcome to the Forums! . . :slight_smile:

I also enjoy the course very much and wish you good luck with it.
All best, Joe


Hey Cricket! Welcome to the forum, and so glad you’re digging the course! Keep us posted on how it’s going. :slight_smile:

Hey. I’m Matt. So, I’m musically ungifted, but always wanted to play something. I was the kid that always wanted piano lessons but never got them. Finally got some exposure to the piano in high school as an elective, and have taken some guitar and bass lessons over the years. I’ve been messing with the bass for a few years with and without a teacher, but never made too much progress because reasons. Decided I’d give this course a go. Just started, but so far so good.


Welcome Cricket! This is an amazing course. I know you will enjoy it as much as I have! Best wishes!

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