Introduce Yourself!


Life is one strange mutha. Just posted above and the remains of the band get in touch, wanna jam tonight? Of course I bloody well do!


Inspiring, Thanks!


There is always a silver lining, isn’t there?

Keep doing what you do for yourself (from what I hear on SoundCloud, it seems you know how to coax some “weeping” out of your guitar :grin:), but, of course, nothing beats playing and making music together with other people!

Have fun tonight!


Good for you, @Pampurrs . . . :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck in the course and see you around!

All best, Joe


Just listened to your upload . . . sounds really nice, @muff . . . :+1::+1::+1:

You’re very talented, and I wish you more and continued success!

All best, Joe


Aww @muff that song is great.


Cool track, @muff! And, in response to the quote on top - that’s exactly how all those skills get built - you just start doing it. The lead guitar work is great on this track - and the soundscape is really nice.
So, just keep doing it.
Bands come and go - music is forever. (He said, having left his touring band of 10 years some months ago).
Best of luck during the transition, whether the band stays or doesn’t. As long as you keep on with making cool music, all will be well.


Coming from you all, man I am well made up! (coll. stoked!) Cheers Gio, Joe, Howard, joergkutter et al. That response is personally overwhelming. It was quite difficult to open up but I’m so glad I did. Thanks all!


Thanks for sharing that @Pampurrs and welcome to the course and the forum! Congrats on being cancer free, and so happy you’re getting started with your bass dream!

  • thanks for sharing your music @muff! All the tones and mix sound good to me, sounds lush and clear.


Coming from you Josh, and Gio et al, that’s a great boost to my confidence, and to just keep doing it.