Introduce Yourself!

Life is one strange mutha. Just posted above and the remains of the band get in touch, wanna jam tonight? Of course I bloody well do!


Inspiring, Thanks!

There is always a silver lining, isn’t there?

Keep doing what you do for yourself (from what I hear on SoundCloud, it seems you know how to coax some “weeping” out of your guitar :grin:), but, of course, nothing beats playing and making music together with other people!

Have fun tonight!


Good for you, @Pampurrs . . . :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck in the course and see you around!

All best, Joe


Just listened to your upload . . . sounds really nice, @muff . . . :+1::+1::+1:

You’re very talented, and I wish you more and continued success!

All best, Joe


Aww @muff that song is great.


Cool track, @muff! And, in response to the quote on top - that’s exactly how all those skills get built - you just start doing it. The lead guitar work is great on this track - and the soundscape is really nice.
So, just keep doing it.
Bands come and go - music is forever. (He said, having left his touring band of 10 years some months ago).
Best of luck during the transition, whether the band stays or doesn’t. As long as you keep on with making cool music, all will be well.


Coming from you all, man I am well made up! (coll. stoked!) Cheers Gio, Joe, Howard, joergkutter et al. That response is personally overwhelming. It was quite difficult to open up but I’m so glad I did. Thanks all!


Thanks for sharing that @Pampurrs and welcome to the course and the forum! Congrats on being cancer free, and so happy you’re getting started with your bass dream!

  • thanks for sharing your music @muff! All the tones and mix sound good to me, sounds lush and clear.

Coming from you Josh, and Gio et al, that’s a great boost to my confidence, and to just keep doing it.

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Hi Josh,
Back in the 80’s my family of 9 siblings self taught themselves acoustic guitar,where we all sat around and sang songs like “Cum by arr my Lord, Cum by arrrrr” or something like that … except me. I never learnt to play. Then the Bro one year older than me got together with a drummer, and well you know what happened …lets form a band. They convinced me to learn the guitar. Being very methodical, I said NOT until I have lessons. Well after 6 months, my music teacher asked if I was ever interested in Bass. I said it was the favourite part of Music I listened to, be it JJ Cale, the Beatles or Beethoven … I just loved bass lines. He said I sucked playing chords and that Bass guitars just had four strings … a big gap between frets and no chords. I was sold, and our band Steed was formed. I never learnt music, although the teacher showed me Tab. Anyhow, we broke up when we lost our lead guitarist and drummer. :frowning:
Zip forward to NOW.My Brother had a Heart By Pass where he had complications and ended up blind. What to do with his life? Our original drummer lent him a Strat (similar to what he played) and he has taken to it like Santana. Needless to say I have been approached to join him after all this time. How can I possibly regain my Bass confidence after so many years? I just hope maybe BassBuzzcan.


Welcome to the Forums, @Wombat . . . :slight_smile:

That’s quite a backstory. I’m sure you will like Josh’s lessons . . . I have found them very helpful and wish you good luck with them!

All best and see you around, Joe

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Welcome to the forum @Wombat! Welcome back to the bass saddle, it’s a great time to be learning, there are so many more educational resources than there were even 10 years ago - including this one!

Greetings, thanks for the ability to be here! I picked Josh when I was searching for a bass guitar lesson because not only of his knowledge but I liked his sense of humor and ease of understanding him. My name is John but my friends call me Jack. I’m 67 yrs old and have played guitar, trumpet (classical), and a little keyboard. But the bass guitar when I tried it really connected with me and I knew I had to have one. I found one on the market place very close to home and at a reasonable price. It’s an Ibanez SR300. So far it’s been great. Just as this site!


hi, im new here. im hoping to become a good bass player


Welcome @katunich! Let’s become good bass players together! Happy playing.

I’m Steve, turned 61 and figured it’s now or never. Never learned music other than banging pots and pans as a kid. Add to that I’m left handed. I tried to use a “righty” bass and found that not an option. I bought a lefty 01 fender MIM jazz bass and here I go. I like that the Josh’s guitar faces the same direction as mine in the lessons. It’s like looking in the mirror and has made learning easier for me.


Hey, @porsche.steve . . . :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard and good luck with the lessons!

All best, Joe

Welcome @katunich and @porsche.steve!

And glad the mirror image thing is helpful for you Steve, I hear a mixed bag from left-handed-bass-playing students about that.

I’m actually a lefty myself for the most part, but playing bass right handed worked fine for me so I never really played lefty basses. Every time I pick one up I’m teleported into a parallel universe where I have absolutely no coordination. :slight_smile:

Hiya guys.

I’m Pete, I’m 50 years old (actually I’m 51 tomorrow), and I live with my wife, two dogs and several chickens on our 4 acre plot just outside Edzell, Scotland. I’ve been not playing bass for 35 years.

What on Earth does that mean? Well basically, I picked up a bass and played in a band at school when I was 15, but only ever followed instructions from the guitarist and couldn’t really play (I was better than having no bassist - but only just). Over the years I’ve owned a couple of basses and tried learning, but something has always got in the way. I’m motivated more now because theres a prospect of getting the band together again after the singer finishes filming his next movie: I will never get to say anything so “Hollywood” again in my life.

So, last year I started looking for a bass and a teacher. I’m still not settled with my Epiphone T-bird or Peavey DBX Millenium, but I’m working on that, and unfortunately I can’t currently afford any more lessons.

I’m into all sorts of music but would have to admit to being mostly a classic rock and funk kind of guy, though I’m a die-hard 80s pop lover too.

I stumbled across Josh’s videos while doing the Youtube searches and love his manner and method. I’m looking forward to learning from everybody here and maybe some mutual assistance when things get a little bogged down.