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Hey everyone, not sure if this thread is dead but I’ll introduce myself. My name’s Brad, I’m 28, and I’m just starting out learning bass properly. I messed around with it as a teen and learned a few bass lines, but never got far with it on my own. My wife plays guitar and about a year ago I bought her a really nice Gibson Hummingbird and bought myself a cheap $120 bass to mess around while I was at it. At the time I was averaging 96 hours a week at work (industrial radiography) so it mostly just sat in the closet.

Then this past December I ended up falling over the fourth floor balcony of a hotel into the lobby. Had a lot of injuries, but luckily I’m mostly okay. I’ve got a lot of pain and had to get my right wrist fused, but I’m walking again and even jogging a little. I’m super lucky to be alive. I recently remembered the bass and decided since I’ve definitely got the time now I might as well learn. It’s been really awesome so far. For a little while there it was hard not to fall into a funk knowing I won’t be able to go back to work in my field or play basketball/lift weights at the level that I used to, just focusing too much on the things I couldn’t do anymore. But with bass it’s something I can do and see steady progress in, so it’s really helped lift my spirits. Plus my wife is super happy that we will finally be able to play music together. So I want to say a big thanks to Josh and everyone involved with putting these lessons together, it’s been really fun so far


Welcome, @bradandras88 and thanks for sharing your story!

A lot of people have found that playing music is a great way to cope with misfortune, loss, accidents, and illness! And… it’s never too late to pick up learning something new!

Best of luck with the course!


Good for you, @bradandras88, and glad you’re on the mend . . . :slight_smile:

You’ll enjoy the course, and I wish you good luck with it!

All best, Joe


Welcome @bradandras88. I’m glad you survived your fall.


Welcome @bradandras88! Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry about your injury, but I’m glad you’re feeling lucky to be alive and you’re taking the opportunity to get back into bass. And that’s awesome your wife plays music too, I imagine playing together will feel super sweet.

And FYI, no worries about threads being “dead” or “necroposting,” we like to keep threads alive around here even if it’s been a little while, as I wrote in the community guidelines here. :+1:


Thanks brad, I needed a lift this morning, and hearing somebody remind me of some basics of life should do the trick.

10 years ago this week I nearly died when a car pulled across in front of me on my motorbike, and although my injuries weren’t as bad as yours it did leave me with a few mementos and years of recovery to the point I’m at now (80% of before, maybe). It’s important to remember the positives when you have so many things to complain/worry/struggle with, but it’s also ok to feel like shit about it sometimes. Take stock of the good things, find new things to replace the old, and enjoy the little progress wins you get when you get them.

On bass playing with a physical injury; try for good form, but accept that if you can’t physically manage that method, there is usually a way around it - and there are as many little quirks of technique as there are top flight bass players.

Fun fact; you fell about the same distance that I flew through the air. Gravity wasn’t so harsh for me.


Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement everyone!


Hi All!
My name is Mike and I’m currently living in Southern Arizona via Hawaii. But, I’m originally from Salem, MA. I started playing upright bass and electric bass in high school back in the 70’s.
I took A very long break from 1979 to 2006 before taking up electric bass again. I play bass as a hobby and don’t get to jam with people very often. Hopefully, I can learn a few things while I’m here.


Welcome aboard, @MD899 . . . :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed my time here and got a lot out of the course! See you around the Forums.

All best, Joe


Waving to @MD899 from Phoenix.

Welcome to the forum, I’m just north of you in Phoenix. I’ve only been here a couple of months myself, but find the B2B course to be both challenging and beneficial as I progress from a raw beginner to, what I hope to be, a real bass player.


Welcome @MD899! I’m fairly new to this forum myself, and am now mid way through the B2B course. It’s an excellent course, and this forum is one of the most helpful, civil, and diverse bass forums that I have checked out. I too also play for hobby,… and the love of just making music.


Wow @PeteP - your “incident” sounds nearly identical to mine years ago!
I was headed into work on the freeway going about 70mph when a car panic-braked and cut right into my lane. I don’t remember the impact, as I lost consciousness, but from what I can surmise, I flew over the top and slid a good long way along the freeway.
Like you, very fortunate to be alive! Great gear and extremely good luck helped!
Very happy to still be around and fulfill life-long wishes like playing an instrument (with the help of Josh and this course!)



Welcome to the forum Mike @MD899!

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Very inspiring and thanks for sharing!


Hello all

I am a lifelong music lover as I grew up listening to soul, funk, disco and techno. I discovered jazz fusion, bebop, classic rock and the blues as an adult, which eventually inspired me to learn how to play the bass. Pino Palladino’s masterful work on D’Angelo’s “VooDoo” album was probably my biggest influence. I brought my first bass around 2011. After taking several unsuccessful classes over the a four-year period, I quit learning to play the bass just out of pure frustration. I sold my bass, amps and accessories! I felt like the bass caused more stress in my life than pleasure. Finding a reliable instructor was difficult to come by and YouTube made the learning curve even more overwhelming.

However, a few weeks ago I came across Josh’s videos and decided to give it another try. I learned more from just watching three of his videos in one day then my first 4 years combined.
Not to mention, his personality encourages the art of ‘playing the bass’. Play is the key word because it leads to exploration without boundaries. A few days ago I picked up a very nice used Squire Jazz bass (photos coming soon) that I am beginning to bond with.

This forum is great and I look forward to sharing and learning with others from various music backgrounds.


Welcome aboard, @introvertimages . . . :slight_smile:

I could say the same things as you have. I’m also very happy with my Jazz Bass. You’ll enjoy the course and these great Forums, too!

All best and good luck in the course, Joe


Many thanks for the warm welcome @Jazzbass19 !


What a way to get into electric bass!


Welcome to the forum @introvertimages! Glad you’re back in the bass game and really glad my videos could help.

And I looovvveeeee Pino’s playing on Voodoo too. And the way the bass and drums are fighting with each other in the loveliest way on that whole record. One of the funkiest things ever recorded.


Many thanks @Gio !