Is this a good deal?

Not that I need another bass since I just got a new one for Christmas but I was browsing my local Craigslist and came across this bass

The guy is asking $1,250. Looks basically new and I am a sucker for the Les Paul. It’s a 2011. Description says barely played and it looks that way.

Tried to look around but I can’t really find many of these for sale but the few I saw were $2.5-3k…

Should I buy it?


You gotta like Les Paul, lol. Not my cup of tea for bass shape but it’s gorgeous. If it’s genuine why not.


If it’s actually in good shape, it’s a steal. Can you get pictures of the serial numbers from them so you can look it up?
Hopefully it’s a real posting and not someone scamming-Craigslist is horrible about that.

A proof of life photo helps. Yknow, the guy holding today’s paper with the bass. If it’s real and they want to sell it, a picture shouldn’t be an issue.

Good luck my friend. And please be careful, Craigslist is fully scary.

I would be very skeptical of any Gibson that looked like a killer deal. Lots of (sometimes better!) knockoffs, and Gibson is famously way more variable for quality than other big name manufacturers.

I would basically not buy a Gibson I had not checked out in person extensively myself.

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