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Might not be the right category for this but I’ll risk it. Lol! I’m in Module 9 lesson 4 and I keep noticing that when I play along with Josh for some reason the 5th sounds out of tune. I’ve checked my tuning and it’s spot on so I don’t think it’s that. When I do my lessons I run my laptop through my amp and wear wired headphones so I can hear myself and Josh. I’m not super new to bass , played in a band for years in my 20’s, so I understand intonation to a point, but since this is happening above the 12th fret I’m not sure if intonation is the issue. If any has ideas please let me know! This is making doing the lesson hard.


Hi @super.mikey74
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Tuning and ‘intonation’ are a bit different.
Your strings are tuned by the tuning pegs which sets the tuning right for the open string.

Your intonation sets the tuning for all the fretted notes, and is done at the bridge.
Intonation issues are heard more clearly as you go down the string to the higher frets, becasue you are relying more and more on the bridge end to be set properly.

At the first few frets, you are much closer to the open string length, so intonation is not as big an issue.

Generally speaking, intonation should be set after setting neck relief and string height, but, you can do it on its own if that is too much for you.

There are loads of videos that show how, generally you fret the 12th fret and check tuning there, and adjust the bridge saddles to make that note sharper or flatter.

So a quick exercise is to put your bass on a tuner and play the 12th fret of each string and see if tuning is spot on or not.
If it is, maybe Josh’s intonation was off!


I’ve checked the intonation at the 12th fret and it’s dead on. That’s part of why I’m confused as to why I sound out of tune with the video. I have some experience with setting my bridge/intonation from my old band days, so that was the first thing I checked. Also I had my bass professionally set up before starting b2b like is recommended. Is there anything else it could be? Like the neck?

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Wouldn’t think so.
I’d blame Josh. :rofl:
We have already seen where some of the songs in the 50 song challange are recorded out of tune! It does happen.

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Omg! Are you saying Josh isn’t perfect?? Now there’s gonna be anarchy!! :rofl:


Not at all.
If Joshs intonation was off he obviously deliberately left it there as an exercise of discovery for the student. :wink:


@super.mikey74 Welcome to the forum!

This is something where you need to tag Josh specifically. Like this, @JoshFossgreen.

Since I tagged him, he will see this topic and chime in.

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@eric.kiser Thanks! I didn’t know I could or how to do that. I appreciate it!

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Hey @super.mikey74 and all! Well, I did a little detective work, and I can’t figure out what’s going wrong there. I went into the Logic session and checked every note against the tuner and it’s all dead-on:

When you say “the 5th sounds out of tune”, do you mean only the high D on the G string sounds out? (it definitely isn’t the lesson’s bass track, that’s the second screenshot above) And does this issue only happen in the workout videos, or was it playing along with me sans track in the lesson video as well?

Have you tried playing that note on your bass, and checking the tuner, rather than just checking the 12th fret?

There’s also a possibility that the rest of the track is just throwing your ear a bit - the organ patch has a little warbliness, so maybe your ear is interpreting against that?

Either way - I definitely make mistakes, and many of them have been noted :stuck_out_tongue: but this doesn’t seem to be one of them! Let me know if you figure it out!

Totally, but just to be clear, that would only apply to the cover songs in the course, all the playalongs written just for the course were recorded in tune. :slight_smile:


@JoshFossgreen Ok so I figured out the issue and funny enough it was my tuner. Well not the tuner itself but the batteries in it were dying. Did the lesson today and everything was all good. Mental note to self: Always check your tuner batteries! :rofl:


LoL! You aren’t the first to get bit by the cold inconvenient death of a battery. :rofl:

Thanks for following up with the source of this mystery.