Jazz pickups

Pure Vintage 62 vs Custom Shop 60?

Fire at will!


CS 60s or Fralins

This is really the question.

I have both and love them both just about the same.
If I picked today, I’d go Fralin cause I’ve been playing a bass with them in it all day and I can’t stop getting over how damn good they sound.


Absolutely disagree! Fralin split Jazz kick a$$, lol.

With on of this oh yeah!

I have these too, in my fretless.
Also fantastic, but the regular ones inch past for me.

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Pure vintage 64 are my favorite

Aight guys, I had options between Pure Vintage and CS 60s. I dont have option of Fralin here.

I’ve ordered CS 60’s.


You will love them.
I have them in two basses, one with flats, one with rounds.


Guess they should be good upgrade from Player Series pups.

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They’ll be different. Players series are pretty good as well, though they offer more modern midrange than the vintage.