Josh or not Josh?/Looks familiar!

How about a game of “Josh or not Josh: out in the wild” (also known as “It’s not, but it really looks like…”)

I’m not familiar with band members names/faces so imagine my surprise to discover that @JoshFossgreen actually played guitar in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - and still uses bass-face when he plays 6 strings.

(only the lack of banana gives it away)


Anthony Kiedis on vocals, Flea on Bass, Will Ferrell on drums, and introducing @JoshFossgreen on guitar!

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Oh yes. I think it was a late night chat show that did a drum-off between Chad and Will. The similarity ends at the faces, trust me.


I’d been thinking that they look alike for years, I was pleased as punch when they finally made it official.

Unfortunately, looking like an RHCP band member does NOT translate to royalty checks coming in the mail… gotta find a new gig!