Keeping low frets pressed when playing higher frets on same string?

example: i am alternating quarter notes playing C then D then repeating on the A string (frets 3 & 5).

is it good/bad/does not matter technique to keep my (for example) first finger on the C pressed down the entire time, and only lifting and pressing my pinkie or ring to play the D as needed? or should i be lifting and pressing both fingers as needed for the note?

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That’s good, it’ll help you play faster actually (on the same string of course)


Yep, it’s good. Josh covers this in the course.


I’ll reiterate yes, and you’ll notice Josh does this when playing. I was also taught this by another instructor, and seen it from guitar lessons, too (albeit where it is much easier).

My playing improved a ton when I stopped “rocking”.


If you’re already doing this, congratulations! You’ve reached Bass Finger Exercise Level 2. Only three more levels to go!


aha ok there we go. i was thinking i did not see @JoshFossgreen be that specific so far in B2B but i forgot about this YT vid. thanks everyone!