KILLER scales app for iPad

Not sure if this has made its way around the forums, but I am grateful I found “Scales for Bass Guitar” on the Apple App store - ONLY for iPad (not iphone, not desktop). It’s by Mark of Talking Bass. $10. It has a “scale generator” that gives you the freedom to pick any note, scale, string, and practice along to it. Shows you the notes on the frets themselves or the intervals. KILLER. So happy I found it. I’ve just wanted to really firm up my scales both for the theory end of it and the speed and accuracy. Search “scales for bass guitar” on the iPad (only).


Thanks for the tip I will check it out!


Hmm, cool, I like Mark, and am happy to support him, plus sounds like a great tool to practice too.
Something that Fretful may end up doing too, when it is fully developed


Sounds like a cool app! Will check out.

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