Let's talk about Apps baby

Well, I’m a bit baffled @Mark_D

It’s installed on my phone. It runs fine. It says it installed it from the Play Store.

However, when I click to see it on the Play Store it says page not found. In the Play Store under My Apps and Installed and Library it isn’t in either list. I thought maybe it was just a bookmark, but it does appear to be a genuine app. There is no address bar, etc. when it is open. If I pause it and try to go to the forums in my browser, I get an error message and the forums won’t load. So it has installed some sort of auto-open into Chrome for the BB Forums.

My best guess is that it’s been removed from the store for some reason…

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Are you looking for ios or Android?

@JoshFossgreen Where do little BassBuzz apps come from?

I think the “BB Forum” app is really just a chrome shortcut link that looks like an app (ok Android, at least). Works like a browser that only shows the one website - which may hook into discourse (which is what I’m assuming this forum is run on).

For example, when I have this “app” open, and swipe down for notification s I can see it’s got a chrome icon associated with it

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Sorry, I only just picked up on this. Thanks for looking into it.

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I was simply looking for an app Pete - I hadn’t narrowed it down to a version, but I have an iphone, and an android tablet.

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I didn’t know this. 10 minutes research later :nerd_face:

Apparently it’s not quite an app and not quite a shortcut.

They’re called “Chrome App Install Banners” which create a home screen shortcut on your device without all usual browser fluff (Like in JT’s screenshot, above). Nifty.

I got it to work on Android by doing this…

  1. Clear your Chrome browser cache/cookies (Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data)

  2. Go to https://forum.bassbuzz.com

  3. You’ll get a little “Add BB Forum to Home Screen” message right at the bottom of the screen, just click to get that added to your device…

Does this work on Apple gear running Chrome?



Thanks for the further investigation Chris. I thought it might be something like this,but the “Installed from Google Play Store” through me off.

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The best option I’ve found for a forum app on iOS (that home screen feature doesn’t seem to pop up on my iPhone) is to use the Discourse Hub app (Discourse is the forum platform we use) -
For iOS -

For Android -

Here are the steps I went through:

Please let me know if you try this, let me know how it works for you!


Good. I can play the songs of Apple Music with the tool above. It looks great. I save the Apple Music songs with the Audio Converter for Windows and I can then send them to my computer or phones for offline listening.

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I use the Yamaha Chord Tracker app. It will scan any song on your phone and tell you all the chord changes. It’s an easy way to start playing along with anything.


Woah. I want that. Does it just work with music on your phone or will it scan youtube and other apps as well?

Wow that sounds awesome.

I downloaded the app and it works great! I tried a song that I know all the chords and it was pretty accurate. Thanks for the suggestion @DaveT.

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It needs a file to scan and think about for a little bit. It doesn’t handle streaming services. You would have to google how to deviously capture a YouTube video and then strip the audio track off for this to work in that case.

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[on iOS] I came across some apps published by Hal Leonard last night. I picked up one called “Bass Fitness”, which is an app version of a book from the 90’s of the same name.

The 200 exercises are designed to help increase your speed, improve your dexterity, develop accuracy and promote finger independence.

The app certainly isn’t going to win any awards for prettiest interface, but it’s got a metronome + audio play along (Bass notes). I feel like it’s a good “I have my bass out, and every third walk by I am looking to practice something useful without much thinking for 15 minutes”

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Available for Android as well.

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I use JamTracks on my iPad plugged into an amp or into my stereo. It’s free, and has a decent selection of music. The downside is you’ll pay $1.99 per song. The plus side is that the songs are multi tracked so you can isolate bass on or off to learn the song or play along. Also, change speed if you want.

Lots of reviews have complained about the lag In loading from the servers, and the overall bugginess of the App, but I haven’t experienced either. I’d give it 4 stars. I think your first track is free.

I stumbled onto JamTracks via installing JamKazam on my Mac. This is a free program that really lets you play “live” with other musicians on the internet. Much better than Skype or Zoom for live playing. Latency can be a problem but my last few sessions have been very tolerable.

I’m in Colorado playing with guitarists in BC, Canada, California, Colorado, and even France with latency in the 55ms range. You will need a compatible DAI, headphones, a mic, and some patience on the setup but well worth it if you don’t have a local resource to play out. All genres, and folks are playing all times of the day/night. Lots of open sessions.

The folks at JamKazam are actively working to update software, fix bugs, and improve the playability. Since Covid, this service has exploded in terms of use. I highly recommend it. There’s a couple groups on Facebook, and a Forum to help out troubleshooting. If you want some help setting up you can PM me.

OH, forgot. Wired Ethernet connection is key as well. WiFi adds too much jitter and latency. Plug your computer into modem or router.

You can use your JamTracks in JK too.

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I’ve just downloaded this app and signed up so I’ll see how it goes.
It’s seems to take awhile to load the songs but maybe that’s my internet.
Thanks for the info and I’ll let you know how I go.
God bless

I think the servers are in Texas, so it might be a little slow based off recent demand, and distance. Usually, I load a track and play it thru a couple times and then move to the next track in my set list.

It’s the closest thing I have to playing in a band these days, and I think it’s super fun. I hope you enjoy it.