M.I.A missing members

Good to see you on a bit @Jazzbass19 :+1:


Also noticed @Jamietashi hasn’t been on for a good while.
I do know he suffers from bad internet issues but it’s still been a long time


Any news on @T_dub ? :pray:t2:


Thanks for asking, @PamPurrs - I am fine and even playing bass (but had a little break on account of some finger surgery recently).

It is probably a natural development to slowly fade away from the forum at some point… I don’t feel I have anything substantial to add that is not already covered by other people who know way more about certain topics than I do. I have read a few posts, but not the majority, so I am pretty much not up to date at all wrt who is doing what, playing what or buying what :man_shrugging:

Also, there isn’t really anyone in here who shares my musical taste or interest, which makes it all a bit lonely :sleepy:

I hope you all are staying healthy, playing lots of bass and keep keeping at it :grin:

Today actually marks my 2 year anniversary of picking up the bass - yay! (My only regret is not having started ten years earlier or so… but, then, BassBuzz wouldn’t have been around!)


Joerg, I think you are a very interesting person, and I enjoy your dialog, I’m not sure what your musical taste is, but mine is not very popular around here either (I don’t think).
Congrats on the 2 year anniversary @joergkutter


Aww man, you’re missed around here. And plenty of people like Jazz, including both of the instructors, and I promise not to kid you about it if you come back :slight_smile:


If you are still interested in the forum, I think this is a great reason to stay. I was completely fascinated by your recording session and in your story it became clear that you do have a lot to offer here. If you talk about it, it will grow. More than half of what posts on share your music Friday I turn off within seconds. I skip over their reviews of distortion pedals because I know I don’t have a use for a sound that produces that music :sweat_smile: I enjoy listening to jazz, but I don’t really know a whole lot about it. I’d enjoy seeing more genre discussions get a following here.


Hey guys, I agree that everyone has something to contribute, I agree Dave, I browse over the pedals and share some good music Friday’s and other things on the forum, don’t comment on a lot of it, as it has no interest to me, but it’s also an opportunity to refer to if I want see what does what etc.
I’m not that much into Jazz and what I post is probably not to everyone’s taste.
I just think it’s about growth and I always enjoy watching and listening to covers or practice segments that people post, regardless of genre.
The most important thing on the forum is the interaction and support everyone has always shared with each other, especially in these times.
Cheers Brian


I do too. I learn a ton from the covers posts. It’s fun to have windows into the genres I may not have paid as much attention to. It’s like being able to listen in on a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise be happening around you.


I agree @DaveT,
Watching different playing styles, the different instruments, the tones, musical tastes and the production styles etc make it IMO the best area on the forum👍
Cheers Brian


and made from Girders!


Thanks Pam @PamPurrs , Howard @howard , Dave @DaveT , Brian @TNKA36 , … - much appreciated!

It is not so much the teasing about jazz - I know this is all in good spirits and with the tongue firmly planted in a cheek, and I do dish out my share of sarcastic comments myself…

It is more that the style of music you like or (want to) play has repercussions on almost all other aspects of the bass and somehow is the centerpiece of what defines you as a bass player: e.g., it affects which models you prefer, what sounds you are going after, what sound gear might interest you, what techniques are important for you, how much theory is important, and so on…

So, that is where I sometimes feel that there are very few in here that would share similar goals and views, and where we could go off (occasionally) on a more specific discussion.

I mean who is up for discussing tritone substitutions or how to play chords on a six-string?? I know… :grin: :crazy_face:

It is perhaps difficult to stretch across the entire spectrum - from people just starting to play bass, to people with two/three years under their belt, to people who have played for many years, just not the past ten or so, to people who want to take it slow, to people who can and want to absorb a lot in no time…

To wrap up: this forum is an amazing place, and I was quiet/kept a low profile as I was doing some soul searching (happens every now and then). There is no denying it: I wouldn’t be where I am today (as a bass player) were it not for the support, learning, teasing, banter and bickering with this great crowd in here :smile:


@joergkutter I have always enjoyed your in depth responses on topics. I have found your comments to be both enlightening and encouraging.

Dude! I don’t think I would have much to add but I would love to read discussions on both of those topics!

Joerg, if you need to move on, I understand, but know that you have made a great impact on me and, I’m sure, plenty of others here in the forums. I have greatly enjoyed and would certainly miss the incite you bring to this space.


Yeah Jörg, Eric speaks for me too, understood if you need to move on but you’ll be missed around here.

Technically a bunch of us should probably move on, being no longer beginners per se. But I just like the folks here.


Yes, @howard and @eric.kiser - whether to move on or not is indeed the tricky question here… There is no real valid alternative. While other fora might have many more experienced bass players, it is often too cumbersome to have to wade through a gazillion threads/replies, and even serious threads often have a tendency to get riddled by silliness, sarcasm, condescending or downright abusive remarks fairly quickly (e.g., on TalkBass).

Still, I’ll probably venture out to some degree nonetheless, but will also try to be engaged a bit more here again :wink:


Yes, this. @joergkutter


Happy “Bassiversary” @joergkutter Joerg!!! I can fully understand and agree with all you said in your post.

Keep on Thumpin’!


Actually, you can move on, but also not move on too. Yes, I feel like, on Bassbuzz, you can indeed have your cake and eat it too! I think I’ve sort of done that myself. I do my own soul searching every now and then, and drop away. I go off on other tangents, bass-related or not. I’m not really a beginner anymore, or, maybe sometimes I am again, and need the reminders the forum gives me. I can’t keep up with everyone or everything on here anymore, but, I know when I poke my head in here again, it’s home, just like my SR870, which hasn’t gotten the love it deserves these past few months but that I hope to give it again someday.

So be gone. But come back! Time loses meaning in BassBuzzLand, so you’re allowed to suddenly dive back anytime, as if you had never left. Anyone is. :slight_smile: Unofficially official rules.

And Lanny, I gotta give you some smack, how in the world did you become Griff?? When did this happen - it’s gonna take me some time to adjust here, I mean, Lanny is always gonna be Lanny to me, ya know?!

Edit: Just read your other post Lanny - hugs, brother, hugs :heart: (But I still get dibs on givin’ you smack :laughing: Miss ya!)


Thanks, Lanny! My reasons for taking a hiatus seem ridiculously “vain” compared to what you are dealing with! I don’t really have words to sympathize adequately with what you described, as they can only feel hollow… I mean, I wasn’t anywhere near anything that can even remotely compare to what you have experienced!

No matter what cross we bear, I am convinced that music (actively or passively enjoyed) can make that weight seem lighter :smile:


Well put… and still, I get these bouts of FOMO when not looking for a while :crazy_face:

You seem to have cracked the formula, @Vik - you seem very much OK and accepting with what you can and can’t do, in this moment and generally speaking! That is what we would call a “life artist” (not sure that expression exists in English!?) :smile: