Mic Questions

It may be less expensive to get a multichannel DAI and record all the tracks separately on a PC.

Different channel counts and qualities of things like this …

This one is less …

I’d consider a mixer with a multichannel audio interface too. Though the dedicated audio interface is likely better. But with a multichannel interface in a mixer you could kill two birds with one stone there.


That’s what I’d do too. Something like this may be possible. It starts costing as much as the field recorder though.

Ok, lower yet, assuming there’s a PC/Mac to record to . . .

And for that matter Zoom makes a pretty slick one . . . On some of these it’s necessary to pay attention to how many tracks it can record at once. There are multitrack mix/recorders out there that only record 2 tracks at a time.

Yeah the Zoom one looks pretty much perfect. Mackie makes a multichannel too (though it looks like it’s just 2x4, which while not bad, is pretty underwhelming. But then again, Mackie makes nice mixers.)

And you’re right, you need to pay attention; I was disappointed a while back that the Yamahas are only 2-out, because they otherwise look amazing.

I would much rather have one of these mixers than a multitrack recorder, especially since they can multitrack record to SD card anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks @howard and @DaveT but these are huge investments and quite immobile stuff to take to a weekly practice session and set them up… Where we would want to maximize the time that we play.


I must say that this thing seem to have solved my needs on recording band practice. Later I’ll describe it better on the mobile recording thread…

Listen to Nothing Else Matters (Cover) The FBL Band by Fahri Ayberk on #SoundCloud


Very decent sound quality! Look forward to reading more about how you did it; especially also wrt placement of the device in the room…

Tuning of the guitars, though… :joy: (seems to be a common thing for guitarists all over the universe :grin:)

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Yeah that guy is horrible!

Here is the more detailed explanation of what I did and why… More to come!

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Thought this would go well here

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