Module 10 Lesson 2: House!

You know how music has the power to move you? Well this lesson uses the song that I first learned to play in a band way back in school. I was 15 years old, the guys in the band weren’t yet famous, I still thought I had what it takes (but not, at that time, the skill/knowledge/patience) to become a musician, and I was to be their first and only ever bass player.

Never too old to start. Never too late learn. Only to young to stop trying.


Not to get too emotional, but I picked up the line again within minutes, played through the lesson, went straight onto youtube and played the whole song twice over with different backing tracks.

I’ve played the prescribed version, and a couple of variations we played in the band, and I’ve played with my eyes closed - except when grabbing a swig of beer in between play-throughs. I’ll sleep well tonight, reliving my version of what the band sounded like the last time we played together all those years ago. Thanks for indulging me on my nostalgia trip.


Yes @PeteP, that’s a great song and loads of fun to play.
Incidentally, now that you’re in module 10, you’re about to go, in short order, from some kind of wonderful to dazed and confused.
You’ll soon see what I mean :grin:


Any Led Zepplin is fine with me. :wink:

Today I have played Don’t Stop Believin’, Roxanne and House of the Rising Sun (riffs only) - all songs that have long been deep favourites of mine for very different reasons.

Last week I missed 4 days in a row and when I came back I felt rusty. Now I feel awesome!

(beer may be partially responsible for the euphoria)

(but I’ve only had two)