Multiple Bass Disorder

I’m starting to see that attitude a little more now a days… Certain things however will always prove to be escalating in price during a crisis, while others will de-escalate in price… Right now I’ve slowed down on my music purchases (gear, etc) and ramped up on my purchases of Moonshine, Single Malt Scotch, and socks… :rofl: :rofl:


Well, it makes more sense than pallet loads of TP… :laughing:
Where I live the government run wine and weed stores made the list of essential services and are staying open. :rofl:

Looks like I might not be bass shopping for a while but on my future shopping list I’m trying to decide whether to go with

  • a Yamaha because looks-wise, they call to me!
  • or I was reading a thread on talkbass a while back, the TLDR; of which was ‘no-one ever got turned down for a gig because they turned up with a P-bass’.

One of us! One of us! :slight_smile: