Multiple Possible Bass Lines

So I found a YT video of a guy who pays 9 different bassists on Fiverr to come up with a bass line for a drum track. What was interesting to me is that each bassline is pretty different, but they all sound good. I’m seeing this just as I’m hitting the Improv modules on B2B.

So my question is: Are there almost infinite possible bass lines for a song (maybe provided that they come back to a root note, and stay within a scale)? Also, how important is it to play “the one” from an original recording?

This is so interesting to me, since, it seems like with bass, there is so much potential leeway, whereas with other instruments, much less so.


That is really cool to see… and very inspiring as well! And, to answer your main question: yes, in my opinion, there’s got to be virtually infinite possibilities to construct bass lines! However, there are some ground rules, and @JoshFossgreen has laid them out for us in his course. Without having analyzed the bass lines shown here in more detail, it seems obvious, however, that the good ones “listen” to the drums (i.e., where the bass drum and snare drum hits are), and make prominent use of root-fifth-octave patterns (with adornments and embellishments). And, I guess, there must have been some information/request on the root/scale (and perhaps style) given by the “customer”, which we didn’t get to see.

You know, this got me thinking: maybe Josh could make a similar challenge for his “students”!?! Obviously, somewhat adjusted to our abilities (i.e., simpler drum groove, a bit slower tempo, only for “students” having finished most modules, …). All sent in bass lines could then be made available for our mutual enjoyment and education via this forum; perhaps with a few comments as feedback from Josh and/or @Gio. Finally, those two could perhaps add a few examples of bass lines they came up with themselves, just for further inspiration!?!

That could really get my creative juices flowing :grin:

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Cool. I’m curious what bass line Josh would come up with for that beat :stuck_out_tongue:

#4 from that lot was my fav

And yeah, that’s the beauty of music. With just a few notes and infinite numbers of possible outcomes. I guess that’s where the “art” factor comes in?


Love this idea @joergkutter Maybe a Monthly Challenge, friendly to all levels (my basslines are pretty basic right now!). Would give us a chance to practice, get feedback, see how others create something from the same beat. And yeah, to see what Josh & Gio come up with :slight_smile:


I think yes!

Depends on the gig. I personally am pretty picky on a cover band gig and will play stuff note for note if I think it’s musically important. Other people are >>much<< less particular about that.

Maybe the question is - are you trying to recreate a song? Or create a new spin?

And cool idea @joergkutter!

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