Music as a Language: Victor Wooten

I apologise if this has been posted before but I have just watched this TED talk by Victor Wooten and it is quite fantastic.
I love his outlook on life and music
Enjoy if you have not seen it before and if you have seen it, watch it again.


Great share! Yeah, his ideas on just keeping it playful, and free, are terrific. And yeah, we don’t really learn music like we learn our first language - I wonder if there are music schools that teach some kind of full immersion method, like they do with languages?

His example at the end there, about a C and a C# note was cool. Playing them next to each other in that order, maybe doesn’t sound so good, but playing the C# first, then the C an octave higher, it’s a major 7th interval. That kind of stuff still trips me out, about learning music.


I want to live in Victor Wooten World.


Victor is a wonderful speaker, with a beautiful message. I was moved. Thank you Josh.


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It’s funny you mention this because I’m currently reading The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. I saw him play in Boston a couple years ago and was blown away. He’s an extremely down to earth guy - after his set his jumped off stage and talked to fans which was really cool.

Anyway after talking to him I picked up his book that night and finally just got around to reading it. I highly recommend!


Just saw this, what a great way to look at the world and life.