Music theory for dummies

There are a bunch of music theory made simple vids on YouTube. But imo this is the Josh of them all, it really just clicked, so I thought I’d share.


Thanks, @itsratso . . . :+1:

I’m a little weak in theory, and will check this out later!

Cheers, Joe

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There’s also a very excellent book entitled “Music Theory for Dummies”.

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It’s nice how he talks to the camera like there’s someone there.

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This was what put me off music theory, to much at once. (For me that is)
What got me to BassBuzz. Was Josh’s video “Learning your Bass fretboard” explaining tones and semi tones, the penny dropped. It was for me the eureka moment. I was going to put it on loop, but it was in my head. I finally understood, it’s possible that I could play Bass.
Not knocking this video, it’s clearer to me now but before Josh’s brilliantly funny lesson. It would have been way over my head.


I’ve seen Rick Beato do this thing a few times. It made more sense with this guy because he was actually using the keyboard to play the note. Having the virtual keyboard in the top right helped a lot too.

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@Jamietashi Same goes for me. Without Josh, I wouldn’t have understood a word of it.