Must memorize

I am in module 6. Moving slowly. I find that I must memorize the workout because I find myself unable to read the tab and fret the proper notes at the same time. Is this normal?


It takes a long time to be able to play by sight right away, @wjdoney :slight_smile: The more you practice, the easier that may become.

It is quite “normal” to start out slowly . . . you are not alone! :wink:

All best, Joe


Thank you


@wjdoney as Joe said, it takes time and practice. First, you must know your fret board like the back of your hand. That’s something that only can only be accomplished over time, and with lots of practice. Once you can find notes and proper intervals without staring at your fret board, then you’ll be more able to read the sheet music and play at the same time.
BTW, are you printing out the sheet music that’s provided with the lessons, or just going by the video? It’s helpful if you put the sheet music on a music stand and play from that.


Hey @wjdoney, welcome to the forum! That sounds fine to me. Go at whatever pace works for you and have fun. :blush: