Muting D string when playing G string

I’ve been playing more in my headphones lately, which helps me catch some of my playing issues/nuances that I want to work on.

I think I know how to mute in most situations I encounter. The one that I struggle with is:
Muting D string when playing G string.

I anchor on the A string and mute the E string at the same time.
When I pluck the G string (alternate plucking) there is a very short time (between plucks) when no finger rests on the D string.
It isn’t very noticeable, but the faster I play the more apparent it gets. Especially when I play in higher registers.
Somehow I don’t notice that with any other configuration of played/muted strings.
I hope I described it clearly :smiley:
Did anyone face/notice a similar issue?

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It happens sometimes when it happens to me I’d go back and play it slower and slower til I catch it the. Keep playing it slow till my left hand takes over the muting a few more runs it’s “programmed” then I increase the tempo till I got it right.

Most muting by this time is on autopilot for me but some new scenarios need special attention lol.


Usually the alternating finger rests on D even while aggressively plucking but I suppose if it is an issue you could always try to anchor your thumb on the D, use it to mute the A and hook the E with your pinky.

Also remember when listening to yourself through a nice pair of headphones they’re probably going to pick up all the tiny little sounds that would be lost through your amp and definitely wouldn’t be heard in a mix. Unless your D string is noticeably ringing I wouldn’t worry about it.


I agree and this is exactly the case. This is the kind of noise that I wouldn’t normally hear while playing “loud” (unless I would purposefully look for it). But this is also the reason I use those headphones - to find areas for improvement.

I think @Al1885 comment was spot on as well. Some scenarios just need more focused work than others. Playing problematic parts super slowly is usually my approach. The reason I asked was that maybe I am missing something obvious.