My next (and last) bass refinishing project

Ok, so I decided to refinish my Squier Affinity jazz bass. This time I took everything off of it, sanded it down and applied a very light coat of a royal blue metallic spray, to give it a light speckled look. Then a coat of a light oak transparent stain, then a coat of clear polyurethane. tell me what you think.


My only complaint is that the blue speckles dont show well in the pictures. Definitely see more up close.

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Hi @Krussell29,
Not a big fan of the colour, but I love the scratch plate.
I give you A for effort, I have aspirations to completely re do a bass but haven’t plucked up the courage to dissect a perfect looking specimen.
Maybe I need to find a clapped out bass and have a go at that?
Cheers Brian


@Krussell29 - I think you did something that many folk would be totally afraid to attempt… I think that what you did was make that SAJB yours… You should be proud of your efforts. What I might think means nothing compared to what you think of your outcome… In my mind there is only ONE thing that matters when it comes to an instrument… Does it play well for me!!

It don’t matter what they look like… All that matters is how well they play… If it plays good for you, then by-ghad you did one hell of a job!!

Looking forward to you putting together a cover with that axe!

Keep on Thumpin’!!