My thoughts after almost 3 months in with the Zoom B2 Four

A lot of people wonder about “quiet” input and it is often (but not always) normal. Specifically a lot of audio interfaces will target -12dB to -9dB as their input 0. You can later mix or normalize this up. Reaper has a command to Normalize an item to any peak level in the Item processing menu.

If you use plugins in your DAW I recommend reading about DAW Gain Staging. dB VU in audio gear is different than dB Full Scale in a DAW. Many plugins follow the analog gear model of gain and expect things to be in a certain range (around -18dB Full Scale) before they overdrive. Here’s an example with a video:


I don’t know how to check for that input gain.
I browsed the manual here B2 FOUROperation Manual but i didn’t find any control over the input gain.
I guess this must be all related to the bass being passive.

So maybe my only solution is to find any way to “auto-normalize” my takes in REAPER when recording - this is my only issue, i am trying to find a way not to do that manually at every take with the item properties button.

I know the basics about gain staging, but i am not running any plugin when recording my bass lines.

I also use that [Normalize] button in the item properties on every take, and this is exactly what I’d like to avoid - maybe some “auto-normalize” function is hidden somewhere.

The signal being recorded is currently VERY low through the B2-four audio interface. I could try to use the B2-Four as a regular pedal (no audio interface), and route its audio signal through my Zoom H6 (which has input gain knobs) and use the H6 as my audio interface… but I hoped to avoid all those cables on my small desk. :smiley:

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My bad I thought you were talking about the Zoom B1four.

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@mr.crispy - can the B2four be powered by USB like the B1four, or does it need to be actually plugged in? Thanks…

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USB is enough to run it!
I currently record on my PC using it as an audio interface, with only the usb cable plugged in (… and the bass jack of course)


Good to know! Thanks… how’s the dai? If you’re using windows, how’s the driver?

Is the pedal not configurable on windows - only iphone app? Thanks!

Quite good. I only have one issue: low input levels, so that i must normalize all my takes to get proper volume.
No apps for Android and Windows - that’s a real pity