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This is the store you bought the 134 at, right? Do they have other Yamahas? I’m a little torn about the advice to always test first, but that’s mainly because I really don’t have that option even if I travelled 40 miles to a shop. When I bought the 504 it was after reading reviews and listening to the guys in here, but a bass being a good instrument isn’t the same as it being a good instrument for you. I was lucky the 504 suited me, but then I wasn’t changing far from what I had in terms of neck, weight, general shape. Pity you don’t have access to more guitars, but you have more than double what I can get so you’re lucky enough, I guess.


I’ve owned/tried high end Fenders that certainly don’t have this issue. You could well be right for the low/mid range though. It’s not that big of a deal if you wear a strap and teachers always encourage you to wear one whether you are sitting or standing. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill without one though.

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Oh that makes sense I guess. I have a broken Fender P- bass (it is barely even playable) and its the same way. I just assumed that’s how all fenders were. Also kind of a random question, but whats with the U.K.-texas flag PFP? Do you just really like texas and the U.K.?


Grew up and went to college in Texas, but have lived in UK the past 20 years. So I’m kinda half Texan, half British.


Lol, was wondering this myself, I grew up in Texas as well, and couldn’t miss that Texas flag right there next to the Union Jack. They look good together!


Perfect timing - there’s a whole thread about it now :slight_smile:

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(the gretsch is the one I like the most looks wise)

Hey: just thought I would add my 2 cents. Been playing a couple of years and I have two inexpensive short scales: Squire Jaguar and the Gretsch Jr Jet II.

I love both of them- they are both great deals for the money. I originally bought the Jag, and then about a year later, I wanted something that looked and sounded completely different. I have not done anything to the Gretsch except added new strings (D’Addario Rounds). I normally use it for songs where I want to use a pick, and I need a “brighter” sound. The humbucker pickups are really sweet, and the whole guitar feels solid like an instrument that should have a higher price tag. (but you could put flats on it and I’m sure it would shine in that setup as well.)

I had the pickups on the Jag replaced with EMG Geezers for more growl, and changed the strings to D’Addario Flats- and it is perfect when for songs I want to try and pluck rather than use a pick. (like for reggae, or things with slower tempos) I think the Jag was $200 and the Jr Jet was $300. (so both look and sound great and really provide a good bang for you buck in my opinion.


Alright good to know! The Gretsch and Schector were the two I was leaning to the most when I tried the basses out in store.


Hi guys,

hope anyone is still here, huh

I’m also looking for a cheap bass and I think I really like how bronco bass looks
What can you say about this bass?

@SarahSimm the Bronco is a short scale bass. You might want to check out these topics:


I had one. the pickup was horrible (I replaced it with an EMG) but when you change the pickup it’s a really funny little instrument.

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I’m currently researching basses for my starter purchase, I even created another thread about it.

From all the reviews I’ve read the SR300E, the TRBX304 and the Sterling SUBs are all great value for the money. Apparently Schecter is know for providing good value for the money as well.

I saw a used Schecter Stiletto on Reverb on excellent condition for $300, and it retails for about $499 brand new.

The new range SR300’s are on preorder with some arriving later this month it seems.

There are a few older 300’s on the used market but I haven’t found any really good deals, and for me I’d rather pay a little more and have a newer instrument with a solid return policy in case I don’t like it.

Also, I’m a lefty do my options are severely limited but you may have better luck.

Some mention the ESP LTD B series as offering great value as well, but I have read that they are generally heavier than the other models here.

Good luck!

Edit: @Schmeep, I’m new here and still figuring the forum. I see this is an older thread by about 4 months lol.

What did you end up going with?


Unfortunately, I did not play on this, but I heard that the reviews are ambiguous

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There is absolutely no way I would buy a bass that weighs 15 pounds.

However I suspect that is actually incorrect; never heard of a Schecter anywhere near that.

25 lbs if you are a masochist

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Let’s see…



15 is a big nope; hell, even 10 is a big nope for me.

25 is


Nice. I’d add a high-mass bridge for better sustain :crazy_face:

Wonder if it has any neck dive :thinking:


Only if the neck is made out of lead.

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Yeah but not the neck you think :laughing: