New Iron Maiden track


The Writing on the Wall

And Steve’s clank is in ample supply!


They sound good.


The boys still have it!

Don’t they, though? It’s absolutely out of this world.

I love the fact that it’s unmistakably Iron Maiden, but the begining is almost Western in style.

Also, did you notice all the Iron Maiden Easter eggs throughout the film?

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I didn’t watch the film, I streamed the track through the HiFi.
Will have to check it out now. :slight_smile:

Love everything about this.


And the boys do it again, single number two from the upcoming album “Senjutsu”.

This track is called “Stratego” and is very much a Steve Harris product. Super bassy, with lots o’ clank and an easy to follow bassline. Will be a great candidate for a cover.

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