New Lumped Bass Strings?

Intresting new bass strings coming out. First video is a scientific analysis of this (there was a scientific paper published about it, but it’s pretty hardcore stuff).

What do you think about this?


Looks like a really great idea to me . . . shouldn’t have any problems installing a thick low B with that brand of string :wink:

Cheers, Joe


I love nerds (I am one of them; though not in acoustics), and I appreciate that there is constant research and development also in this area.

His data shows a reduction of inharmonicity, which apparently is most pronounced when playing higher up the neck. So, for all those of us playing chords up up there on our 5- and 6-strings, listen up! For the rest us: it is probably not as important (other than perhaps getting your B-string more easily mounted on your E string bridge)!

Even so, developments like these might trigger similar discussions as when comparing an analog recording to a digital recording - do we hear more? Do we hear less? Is something now better defined/purer than before? Is something missing, which - while mathematically displeasing - is actually something our ears and brains need in order not to label something as artificial sounding or just “slightly off”, even though it is “less off” in a pure harmonic sense!?!

We’ll see…


Hahaha… For some reason I’ve always picked up on that Joerg…:grinning::rofl:. Thing is,… you’re one hellova really COOL nerd!!

Stay safe out there bro!


It shows, huh!?!? :grin:

Thanks, Lanny, but - almost by definition - we can never be as cool as a diesel submarine sailor :joy:

You too!!


Although, sometimes rough sounds better than pure. :wink:

I think in this instance though, you want the notes as accurate as possible and then you can rough it up with your play-style or in the signal chain.


Honestly I can barely hear it, even through headphones. But I’m definitely a fan of this sort of stuff, and I know my best friend would definitely hear it (he plays guitar, and harmonics are his particular flavor of autism). So yeah, I’d be all in