New Lumped Bass Strings?

Intresting new bass strings coming out. First video is a scientific analysis of this (there was a scientific paper published about it, but it’s pretty hardcore stuff).

What do you think about this?


Looks like a really great idea to me . . . shouldn’t have any problems installing a thick low B with that brand of string :wink:

Cheers, Joe


I love nerds (I am one of them; though not in acoustics), and I appreciate that there is constant research and development also in this area.

His data shows a reduction of inharmonicity, which apparently is most pronounced when playing higher up the neck. So, for all those of us playing chords up up there on our 5- and 6-strings, listen up! For the rest us: it is probably not as important (other than perhaps getting your B-string more easily mounted on your E string bridge)!

Even so, developments like these might trigger similar discussions as when comparing an analog recording to a digital recording - do we hear more? Do we hear less? Is something now better defined/purer than before? Is something missing, which - while mathematically displeasing - is actually something our ears and brains need in order not to label something as artificial sounding or just “slightly off”, even though it is “less off” in a pure harmonic sense!?!

We’ll see…


Hahaha… For some reason I’ve always picked up on that Joerg…:grinning::rofl:. Thing is,… you’re one hellova really COOL nerd!!

Stay safe out there bro!


It shows, huh!?!? :grin:

Thanks, Lanny, but - almost by definition - we can never be as cool as a diesel submarine sailor :joy:

You too!!


Although, sometimes rough sounds better than pure. :wink:

I think in this instance though, you want the notes as accurate as possible and then you can rough it up with your play-style or in the signal chain.


Honestly I can barely hear it, even through headphones. But I’m definitely a fan of this sort of stuff, and I know my best friend would definitely hear it (he plays guitar, and harmonics are his particular flavor of autism). So yeah, I’d be all in


Love that there is such research going on and I definitely heard it in the direct comparison but would have loved to hear the same thing actually played with normal and with lumped strings.

However the difference for me is not big enough to make such a purchase:

I very much like the idea and can hear the difference but more than 50 pounds for a set of strings?