New string suggestions

Thanks! I’ll give it a listen!


Man, Al, those Dogals must be puh-ricey!!!

I get my TI Jazz flats and rounds for plus/minus 70 bucks per set.


Badass playing, @Al1885! I’m not familiar with the tune but it sure had some fine passages.

Your little teeny baby custom with Dogals held its own against the TI Jazz Flats. Damned impressive. :+1:


If you decide to go with LaBella, call their cust service number and get help with your string selection. There’s a very specific way that flats must fit on your guitar or they’ll break. I didn’t know this until I spoke with their rep.

In my experience LaBella flats don’t break easy.

gave this a listen a couple times over! FANTASTIC playing on its own and editing skills!

I love the sound from the MM with the Jazz flats! lovely growl!


I don’t know what that is.

The only thing I know about flats is that the silk should wrap around the tuning post and not the actual string. So you have to buy the appropriate length strings as you can’t cut a longer string shorter.

What else am I missing @ronnielyons ?


Rotosound - Swing Bass 66

I have these on 2 basses currently…have not had them for long enough to comment on robustness but they in no way feel weak to me more the opposite, they seem industrial strength but that might be the feel of steel…they are not light on the fingers but I like that, and they zing alright, a bit too much for me so it will be good when they calm a little, but thats just a personal tone thing

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That might depend on the strings. My GHS flatwounds have the E string wrapping around the post. No issue with it :wink:


I reckon you’ll get a year out of them with that rate of use.

They’re my own preferred strings and I find them very durable.

Check out Brooksys Bass Corner on youtube where he does a series of gigging the Rotosounds to see how long they last.

@brooksysbasscorner might chime in here himself.


I want to thanmk everyone for their input on my thread.

I’m not ready to drop $120 CAD on a set of strings just yet. That video above from @HowlinDawg and @brooksysbasscorner kind of sealed my decision. I don’t play nearly as much as Brooksy so I’m sure they will be happy on my new bass for some time.
I’ll come back to this thread in the future because there are a ton of great suggestions. I know new searches will find this thread very useful!

For now I’ll geek out with my Geddy bass and strings until I’m ready to move on.

My Yamaha TRBX 304 may need some new ones in the near future so I’ll be back!


@ronnielyons ??

Cheers @HowlinDawg, Hi @groaner,
Thanks for checking out the video(s), if I can be of any help, let me know. Strings…man, where do you start? I usually advise finding the material you prefer and then working through gauges by selecting a medium gauge (say 40-100 or 45-105) and then you can assess which strings you might prefer to be heavier or lighter. Also, trying different brands once you find a standard material and gauge that you like, gets you on the road comparing like with like.

I have different basses strung with different brands, formats, gauges and materials, have never actually found a ‘one set fits all’ but I’m ok with that. But as I said, if I can be of any help or if my videos lead to a few questions, I’ll answer as best I can.

All the best,


Thanks so much, Mike. That Swing test was awesome and helped greatly.

Cheers and I will reach out if I need more help.

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There’s one more video, the final one, in that series to be finished and uploaded, which I aim to do in the next week or so.


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Nice one, cheers!


There’s a certain way you have to put them on. For those following this thread, LaBella strings have a silk leader that comes out of the top of the string. This leader is about a foot long and the leader is the only part you cut to length and wrap around the tuning peg. You do not wrap any portion of the flat wound string itself around the tuning peg or it will break off like a brittle wire. I wasn’t aware of this and LaBella salesman I spoke with to help me select the proper string was adamant that I put them on correctly. Great folks and their Deep Talkin Bass strings are worth every penny in my opinion. Mine get weekly use for one year now still going strong.