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Hello All,… I’m Bill, but most people call me Lanny. I’m in my mid to late 60’s, served aboard a couple old dilapidated diesel electric submarines back in the early 1970’s, retired seven years ago in 2012, and use to play my modified '52 Tele quite frequently until arthritis in my fingers and wrists started getting in the way…

Along with my enjoyment of making music, I stay busy reloading ammunition, building and modifying firearms, spending time with my wife Connie, playing with my dog Griffin, hunting, camping, and just relaxing out here in the country with either a cold beer or a glass of Single Malt scotch by the pool here in Middle Georgia.

Figured that if I moved to picking with just two fingers instead of five, and working with four strings instead of six, I could still enjoy making some good noise while giving my fingers and wrists a little exercise… (not to mention forcing my brain to run coordination interference between my right and left hand motor skills!)…

So,… I picked up a Yamaha TRBX and an Ampeq BA-115 that I play everything through (bass, drum machine; iPad; computer). Although I’ve played electric and acoustic guitars for years, learning to play Bass the ‘correct’ way (Thanks Josh) is important to me - I did get pretty lazy playing six strings, and over time developed some pretty bad habits that I’m trying to break by taking this online course.

Looking forward to learning some good basic bass playing techniques along with picking up a few tips on gear modification and maintenance.


@Lanny Welcome to the Bass Buzz forums. There are at least a few engineers and another few people that have built their own gear. So, you’ll be in good company.

Which model of the TRBX did you get? I can’t tell from the picture.

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Welcome to the forum, @Lanny, and good luck with the course!

I was also wondering about the TRBX (just like @eric.kiser) - I guess it is a 174EW?? Nice axe!

As you will find out, there are a few geeky gearheads in here :smile:


Welcome aboard, @Lanny . . . :slight_smile:

Nice-looking collection of equipment, and good luck in the course!

See you around the Forums, Joe

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Thanks Eric! It’s the 174EW in mango. Had to do some set up on it which I learned ‘may’ be similar to my 6 strings, but there appears to be a lot more to adjust and set up on Bass rigs. Figured I’d start out on this one just in case I accidentally screw something up ‘learning’ any modification techniques. Overall, it is a pretty decent instrument to learn on though - except for the top pickup that is uncomfortable to use as an anchor point.


Yes it is,… Thanks!,

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Thanks Joe! Finishing up with Module 6 now but will stick on it until I can master the entire song before moving on.


Welcome to the forum and the course @Lanny! :partying_face:

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Thanks Josh! I do enjoy your teaching style, and although I did breeze through the first 5 modules, the Billie Jean riffs are kicking my a$$ and I continually find myself wanting to get lazy and pull my typical 6 string cheat and move up the neck to 9 &7 on the E & A strings to avoid the left hand stretch…


Yay, another Yamaha :slight_smile:



Welcome Lanny. Currently on Module 5 myself. And I had the same problems with Billie Jean. Got through the medium, but full speed was too much at my current skill level. Anyway, enjoy!


It is a tough one and a definite finger twister! I downloaded the entire song and have been playing along with it as best I can. Getting better, but I always get twisted up during the changes to and from the G string. Should have it mastered in another day or so though.

Good luck with your lessons!!


That lesson has stuck with me as my main exercise for working on flying fingers, well after finishing the course. Stick with it, go back to it sometimes as you keep going through the course, and you will be able to nail the fast workout eventually. Trust me :slight_smile:

It’s a good workout for muting practice too.


Thanks Howard! Exactly what I plan to do… I already find myself warming up to a few of the lesson songs as daily practice before starting my daily practice lesson. Great way to limber up and get into the groove before learning something new.


Join the ever-expanding club, @Lanny and @The_Baron . . :yum:

All best and good luck with it, Joe


Kinda silly ‘quoting’ myself, but after completing the course last week, one of my goals was to go back and revisit the lessons that gave me the most trouble. Like most everyone else here, Module 4, Lesson 6 (Billie Jean) was was a real “flying finger” challenge and although I did manage to finally make it through on the fast workout, I made a note stating that I WOULD play the entire song through from beginning to end when I completed the course.

@howard - Your words of wisdom were totally ‘Spot-On’!! Thanks for the encouragement!

@Jazzbass19 - Didn’t realize it at the time, but it would appear that the ‘Club’ just keeps on expanding!!:smiley:

Anyway, as a “Tribute” to all who have struggled with that particular lesson, I have uploaded an entire version of the song without the bass line onto my website server just in case anyone else wants to take on “Kicking Billie Jean In The As$” once the course is finished like I promised myself (and my two Yamies) that we’d do…

Billie Jean No Bass

I also uploaded my recording of the entire song playing both my TRBX174EW and my TRBX304 (kinda like using a Darth Maul “Double Light Saber”):laughing:

Billie Jean - Lanny Bass

Note: In case you want to download the versions, all you need to do is ‘right-click’ on the Volume Control icon and select ‘Download Video’…


‘Thump On’!


Very good, Lanny! :wink:

Cheers, Joe :+1:


Nice sticking with it @Lanny! Rhythm is really good overall, there are a few little rushing spots where I imagine your listening muscles could have been more focused on the band, but really good!


Thanks @JoshFossgreen!! I knew there were some spots that I sort of "over-anticipated’ my next fretboard finger position… One of those rookie mistakes that I suppose will start to fade out as I become more and more familiar with ‘becoming one’ with my new instrument as I move forward into more challenging arrangements on my own. All I can say is that two months ago I began taking your course without ever even picking up a bass (Hell, I was one of those lead guitar players who made bass guitar jokes) - now that I look back… Damn man…!!