New wall art for practice space

I was poking around on Amazon looking for something else and came across this poster.

It perfectly summarizes where I’m at at this point in my life (returned to playing bass a year ago, recently retired and dealing with some age related health issues).

I like the attention to detail - the cord is properly tucked behind the strap, and the bass itself bears more than a passing resemblance to a 1951 P-bass.

The guy even looks a tiny bit like me, or would if I still had a beard.

Of course, if I tried to kick a leg up like that I’d fall flat on my ass. :smiley:


You and me both.
But if I get my knees fixed (soon I hope), then I should be able to do a kick like that.

Great find. You bought it of course?


Absolutely - it arrived today. Here is the actual poster in a frame on my wall.

I used a stock image in my original post because I was getting reflections from the glass (plastic, actually).


That’s cool. I wish there was a female version.
Maybe I can create one… Hmmmmm


Maybe at that site that had the t-shirts and bags and hats and phone covers and all sorts of stuff you can have bass sayings on?
That place might make you one.