Opinions Needed

So Im getting the itch for a new bass. Sure there are a few dream basses I want but Im being realistic about this one.

So Im toying with the idea of getting a used P Bass or even the Squire equivalent of. Main reason I want to do a custom paint job to it. I want to paintbit up to resemble Boba Fetts armor from Star Wars. I’ll put up some examples for those who aren’t familiar with him.

Now before I pull the trigger would that be considered a faux pax? I know a guy who put stickers all over a brand new Jackson Ellefson Signature that almost gave me a heart attack lol.

Im an intermediate level player so I dont need brand new top of the line, besides Id never do that to a brand new bass just me of course.

The Boba fett bass I posted is just an example. Mine would be of better detail.


Not sacrilege, sounds awesome


I shall call it Boba Frett.


lol perfect. And next you need an amp that looks like Slave 1


Shhhhhhh my wife might see this.


I think this belongs here.






Hi @iamck74,

Two things:

  1. I think a lighter shade of yellow goes better with green - even if the armor has bright yellow accents. Maybe you could just do the knobs with a poppy yellow and the pickup(s) in white? Gold (like the rocket launcher)?

  2. You could buy a natural finish and use a light primer, or a light base paint job. Green paints well over yellow and difficult over blue (or darker shades).

Hope this helps!

Source: Artistsnetwork


Absolutely Not! For the price of used Squier you posted.

Used Squier you are looking for should be in the neighborhood between $75-150. You shouldn’t worry about the condition of the paint job or color so black is most likely the one you’d get. The only thing I’d care about is the truss rod condition just have to make sure that it move both ways and Squier and Fender basses usually require 3/16, 1/8 or #4 hex. I keep a cheap sets with me when I get a used bass to test the truss rod, it’s the only thing I’m not fixing on the bass.

My first attempt was not a successful one, lol


Oh I know they were just some examples this is all in its infancy. If I go the Squire route I’ll likely put better hardware in. Nothing fancy just reliable. If I find a P bass that just needs a makeover visually and lite maintenance I may go that route. Im just researching at the moment.

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Great ideas. Im taking to a buddy tomorrow who will likely be the painter. Id prefer the pickups and bridge be black and work around that. The base colors will probably be the red and blue with carbon scoring. As well as Mandalorian symbols and highlights from his armour.


I would imagine the OP would run his new bass through something like the Obi-Wan, sorry, OB1 amp from Orange.

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It’s your bass. Do it if you want to. Just expect that it will decrease its value by at least half, unless you become ultra famous

For a used squier it will probably increase the value :rofl:

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Before you jump into this kind of project, you need to think it through. It could be considered sacrilege if you’d go for a 1972 P Bass. Look for people that are selling because they had stupid ideas and had to reconsider. Here are my anecdotes :

  1. My partner bought a “brand new” Jazzmaster guitar, Jim Roots edition, from a guy who thought it would be nice to give some grinder (the rotary tool) shots all over it to give it some mojo. Spoiler alert : It was a terrible idea. We bought it for half its value (still very expensive for my taste) and my boyfriend made a project out of it. It turned out great. Is it worth the countless hours that he put in it? No, in dollars, but he had a great time and now has a purple glitter Jim Roots Jazzmaster.

  2. Someone (else) thought it would be nice to put gouache on a Fender Squier guitar. Guess what? it was not. My boyfriend got it for used amp tubes and pimped it for my son. Once again, it’s never going to be worth the money and time he put in (for resale purpose, for example), but these are very cool projects.

I won’t put pictures because those aren’t basses, but they both look great!

People do stupid things so you could find a great opportunities if you are patient!

One final note, people will tell you that it’s not a good idea. You must choose who you listen to.


Plenty of people post guitars on occasion. We’re not elitist here if you want to post

Ok then. Here come the Squier, before and after, which is now my son’s (he’s 9 and has serious GAS) :

And the poor Jim Roots :

My boyfriend absolutely wanted to have nitro paint and it was his first and second times sanding and painting guitars. I think he did great. One person had unpleasant comments regarding the Squier because “it’s never going to be worth the money put in it”. It broke my son’s heart but he looked at it again and his heart was whole again.

From gouache to metal head and from… grinder to glitter.


Anyone who mods an instrument doesn’t get the money/time back out. So what? It’s a hobby

Both look great. Always a sucker for a black strat. Then again I’m a Pink Floyd fan


I put my modded Squier strats on Offerup for a reasonable price just straight up the going price of a used Squier plus the upgrades cost. Got a few low ball offers I just took it down, I put too much hands on time on that Squier to let it go, lol. For months, people who saved the listing message me if I still have it, I said it’s not for sale anymore, lol.