Other hobbies?

We’re due for -41 C tonight (-42 F) tonight. It was a toasty -36 just now. This global boiling is killing me.

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-38 here but I can’t complain with how nice the first half of winter was. This was due to happen sooner or later

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Yeah but Steve isn’t Manitoba generally a lot colder than over here? My brother in law is always jokingly trying to get me to move East and it’s never going to happen :slight_smile:

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I think so, not to sure what the usual weather is like there in the mountains.

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-1 (Celsius) here and I am already whining like a baby and thinking of SoCal.

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I love the cold, having grown up in Scandinavia. So now living in the middle of eu it’s rare we get frost here, but we are having it now. Great for the garlics outside!

Don’t confuse weather and climate.


It was 80 F here yesterday morning. A front came through mid day yesterday. today we barely broke 70 F!


Mountain Biking (also on Mountains, if available :-))

Gravel Biking

Traveling (Pic is without any Filters and other modifications :-))


I live in Scotland so there is really only one hobby I could have…I collect (and drink) whisky!!! :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Where are you? Although I’m English born, I’ve been living half an hour north of Inverness for the last 28 years.

@HighlandBass Hey buddy, I’m abernethy Perthshire, I need to get up your area to visit brora distillery this year actually


Cool! That is not far from Dalgety Bay, right? I was there for business-related reasons several times. I loved Edinburgh (one of the best cities in the world), the nature around it … and all the cool & funny Scots I met!

Maybe stop by and say hi, if it’s after April as I’m away until then!

As an ADHDer, this is a bit of a loaded question - essentially collecting hobbies is my hobby! :rofl:

That said, the two major hobbies I’ve been majorly invested in over the past couple of decades are auto racing and powered paragliding. They both involve an element of physical risk, which gets the adrenalin / dopamine flowing and gives me a level of intense focus that I don’t typically get to enjoy.

That said, it’s nothing like the adrenaline that comes from playing a musical instrument in front of someone! :rofl:

With the auto racing, I’ve raced in a number of different series, even at times being lucky enough to race wheel to wheel against Le Mans winners :astonished: :checkered_flag:

My favorite, though, is a series based on these old boxy BMW E30s. Relatively low cost to build/operate, and being a spec series the racing was extremely close.

After years of being driver, owner, chief mechanic, and financial sponsor, I got tired of converting money into noise in this manner and decided to take up powered paragliding.

I get a little confused, though, and sometimes forget which end is supposed to be up.

But many times it’s simply to enjoy the view.

Lots of videos of both of these up on my YT channel if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


Very nice. My bandmate’s father was super active in SCCA and it rubbed off on his son; he and I used to hang out at the track from time to time. We got our motorcycles out on Portland International Raceway a few times.

I always thought E-production cars would be fun to race - I always wanted a Volvo P1800 :slight_smile:

Never got one though.


That’s the car James Bond (ok, The Saint) drove, before he discovered the Aston Martin ^^

A friend of mine had the shooting break version (“Schneewitchensarg”). It was not fast, but VERY cool!

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Yep! It’s Napoleon Solo’s car.

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And suddenly so do I… :star_struck:
This one is really tastefully done!