Paradigm Shift

I listen to a lot of music a lot of the time and my taste is eclectic. I enjoy sing a longs and often lend my toneations to the harmonies. I was at an A.J. Croce concert and he encouraged us to sing along if we could sing and if we couldn’t sing to sing along even louder. One of my favorite songs is “Nobody Wants To Play Rhythm Guitar Behind Jesus.” I grew up loving to hear good harmony, but wanting to sing the lead melody, thinking that’s the IMPORTANT part. As I have mellowed I find myself now paying more attention to the rhythm section, particularly the Bass. I went to an A.J. Croce concert last night and it was fantastic. Croce sang some of his dad’s stuff and some of his own, he tore up the piano and was great on the guitar, but I spent most of the time observing David Barard, his Bassist, who was steady eddy all night. I watched and listened, and I heard a few riffs that Josh has taught us. I was reminded that it’s never too sophisticated to employ the Basics. Don’t call the narc squad, but I think I’m hooked. I’m thru rantin’ now <);o)