Peavy Grind 4 + Marshall MB30W: good combo for a beginner?

There’s always damper kits for the drums, and you’re right about band power, but, he may still want a practice amp. :grin:

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@Subgenius , too bad about the Grind. They’re really nice basses. As someone mentioned, they’re a bit porky but certainly not T-40 territory. Peavey necks are AMAZING, and you can get a Milestone very cheaply (Indonesia-made, excellent quality) usually around $150-$300. Heck, new Milestones are only $279. Look out for them, they’re a great alternative.

I sold my milestone, but that was part of a greater cull. I still own two Peaveys - a Patriot and a Foundation. The Patriot neck is the ultimate IMHO.

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@Subgenius, I’ve been playing for 3 years now with my initial bass (Ibanez SR300EB) and I have no need or desire to buy a new one as it perfectly covers my needs. Of course, I’m not striving to become a professional bass player. So, I can recommend going for some good entry level bass, like Ibanez 300 series or Yamaha TRBX204 (same price range) or similar and a decent amp (I started with not so good Laney mini bass nx and it wasn’t good enough even for a beginner) so I upgraded to Roland Micro Cube Bass RX.
Now, I’m totaly happy with my rig as it is perfect for apartment practice and small family party jam :).
The cost for the rig was around 600EUROs. Would be even less if I opted for a cheaper amp but a battery powered amp was a must for me as I don’t have a dedicated practice room so I move my amp a lot.

I would recommend to go for new, lower cost equipment as it is not so much more costly and you don’t have to be an expert not to buy a pig in a poke.
And the mayor benefit of buying from a store is that you can just try and see if it sounds, looks and feels good to you.

Just my 2 euro cents.

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Hey @bronzika, thanks for the feedback!
Actually it’s what I finally did, as I finally opted for brand new gear from Thomann (so I can test & return if needed - which I did not) and went for a Yamaha TRBX 174 and a Fender Rumble 100!

I hesitated for a long time between the TRBX 174 and the Marcus Miller Sire M2, whose look is KILLER, but it was a hundred eurobucks more expensive, so I took the cheaper option and added a a Zoom B1XFour pedal instead, mainly for the tuner and the drum machine (it helps a lot for practicing I think) but as a bonus I can geek a bit with the various effects and looper! :grin:

I would have preferred to buy directly from a music shop, but the one nearest to me doesn’t sell Yamaha and didn’t want to order a Sire M2 not being sure I would buy it… They had a 2nd hand Epiphone Power Bass II from the 90’s (not in a great state) at the modest price of 350€, so, Thomann I went…!

I choose the Rumble 100 over the 40 mainly for the speaker size, but it seems powerful enough to play with my son on drums (at least for now) so I think I’m settled for a while with this one.

The difference between this new bass and the old one I used is night and day, I suppose because the action is much lower, so I had to refine my way of playing and pluck much more lightly… Quality control was spot on, no bad frets, no buzz, intonation is OK, so I’m quite satisfied with the whole deal. :ok_hand:


Hey welcome.

I gotta say you did great thing getting Rumble 100. You are settled for long time if you continue your bass journey.

If not you will sell it with ease.

Now regarding bass option, that one you picked is totally solid option for beginner.
However you will fall into rabbit hole when you start trying out other basses.
For you right now most important thing are fret edges, good neck pocket without need for shim which finally brings us to lower action without frets buzzing. Dont expect much on this price level but Im sure Yamaha shouldnt disappoint.

Now regarding used vs new. I would always go for used. Basses who were used for longer time play differently to new ones. Thats why top end Yamahas go through IRA. You can look it up.

Anyway wishing you good bass journey.



That’s just mean…

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I had a 5 string Peavey Grind. I bought for $350 at a local pawn shop. Then turned around and sold her to l my brother. Along with a Peavey series 400 bass head with a 4/12 guitar cabinet. Wired to 4 ohms instead of the 8 ohms. Like the cabinet originally was wired. Then turned around and gave my brothers one hell of a deal. Needless to say that I lost a little bit of cash doing the deal.

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