Playing along with the slow workout

Hey @brandoncmurphy, I’d tend to agree with this -

Most pro musicians can play anything they can play at a wide range of tempos, from super slow to super fast. Obviously that takes a bunch of time and work, so you shouldn’t expect to magically be able to do that. BUT I would recommend you continue to struggle with the slow workouts until you figure out how to feel a consistent pulse at those slower speeds. It’ll make you a better bassist and musician.

Also, you’re only on Module 2 - cut yourself some slack! You’ll naturally get better at rhythm the more you play and stick with the course.

If you want an exercise to help get you there faster - turn on a metronome at 100BPM, and pluck an open string on each click. Make sure you’re really playing exactly with the metronome. Once you can do that, slow the metronome down (maybe to 80 or 90) and do the same thing. Eventually work your way down to 60BPM or less (some metronomes will go as low as 40 or so). If you can play in time with a metronome that slow, you should have no trouble with the slow workouts in the course.

And yes, some music has a very slow quarter note tempo, like 60BPM, and it doesn’t make sense to “double that,” because the felt sense of pulse is slow, think ballads and slow jams: (~53BPM)

And yes, you’re asking questions that will lead you down a rabbit hole of doom. Well, not really doom, but just stuff you don’t need to know right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


@JoshFossgreen I think the first time I play the opening line from that song, my wife will instantly get pregnant.

That line is sexy.