Post your covers!

That was killer. It is so cool and weird to see a left handed drummer, it looks to awesome and out of place at the same time, and followed up with lefty bass, it looks like it was filmed in a mirror, even tho it wasn’t.
Very cool, great song choices and awesome playing, especially the drums, very cool.


I love this kid and subscribe to his channel.


@T_dub Thanks for the kind words Toby. Always good to hear from you. :sunglasses:


Haha I loved the Ducktales theme too. This was fun. Loved it!


So now I’ve seen it all. A Sludgecore, Dark Country bassist slapping the bass to Duck Tales! :rofl: Awesome, I’m so glad I’m on this forum. I bobbed my head and everything. Good job!

You should do a sludgecore ducktales remake of this. Make it Sludgecore but make the Duck Tale elements be grindcore with random duck tales samples quick quacking into megaphones like an authority figurative Wawa run.

Probably something Brutal Slamming Death would do, but hey. A track taking a piss on itself is never a bad thing. Especially a really crusty duck tail being slow roasted by octaver pedals that never lived to tell us it’s duck tale so you had to delivered the story to us via your track man! shrugs I’d listen to it.